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Trumpf Huettinger 通快霍廷格

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Dariusz Czaja

Managing Director of TRUMPF Hüttinger Asia / General Manager of TRUMPF Hüttinger China

TRUMPF Huettinger Electronics (Taicang) Co., Ltd

Dariusz Czaja先生于2007年加入通快霍廷格电子,目前担任通快霍廷格电子亚洲董事总经理,主要负责中国,日本,韩国以及东南亚市场的业务营运以及拓展。在光伏、半导体、显示面板、玻璃镀膜等多个领域,Dariusz Czaja先生拥有十余年的业务营运和管理经验,其中包括光伏应用项目的重点推广。在通快霍廷格电子任职期间,Dariusz Czaja先生曾先后在波兰和德国工作,并于2017年开始担任通快霍廷格电子中国总经理一职。2023年,因应业务成长需要,荣任亚洲董事总经理


Dariusz Czaja先生拥有波兰卡齐米耶日-普瓦斯基拉多姆技术与人文大学的电子工程学位,他也是世界太阳能大会(World Solar Congress)咨询委员会的成员,同时也是中国国际半导体高层峰会(I.S.E.S.)的执行委员会成员。

Dariusz Czaja joined TRUMPF HUETTINGER Electronics in 2007 and is currently the Managing Director of TRUMPF HUETTINGER Electronics Asia, where he is responsible for business operations and expansion in China, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia. Mr. Dariusz Czaja has more than 10 years of business operation and management experience in photovoltaics, semiconductors, display panels, glass coatings and other fields, including the key promotion of photovoltaic application projects. During his tenure at TRUMPF Huettinger Electronics, Mr. Czaja worked in Poland and Germany, and in 2017 he became General Manager of TRUMPF Huettinger Electronics China. In 2023, he was appointed Managing Director of Asia in response to business growth needs.


Mr. Czaja holds a degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Technology and Humanities in Kazimierz-Pułaskiradom, Poland, and is a member of the Advisory Board of the World Solar Congress and a member of the China International Semiconductor Executive Summit (I. S.E.S.).

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TRUMPF Hüttinger, headquartered in Germany, is the global market leader for process power, semiconductor, display, and solar supplies.

We are developing, manufacturing plasma power supplies for a wide range of deposition and dry-etch processes. Our products offer best in class uptime, energy efficiency, coating quality and high productivity. TRUMPF Hüttinger has sales and service subsidiaries in Asia, Europe and America.

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