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Addressing High Volume Manufacturing Challenges and Technology Inflections in MEMS for Automotive Applications

The average semiconductor value in a typical car is expected to grow from USD $812 per car in 2022 to USD $1,467 per car in 2029.1

MEMS devices are well established as critical components in a wide range of systems in the automotive sector. Accelerometers and gyroscopes improve safety, RF filters enable wireless connectivity, and MEMS microphones are at the heart of voice control technologies that connect us to an ever-increasing range of smart functions. As the demand on device performance and manufacturing volume increases, the need for improved MEMS manufacturing solutions becomes ever more prevalent.

For example, many established MEMS fabs and foundries are running at very high utilization and continuous improvements in manufacturing productivity and yield are becoming increasingly desirable. At the same time, MEMS developers are looking to the next generation of devices that will enable new applications and improve the performance of existing solutions. Capacitive based MEMS devices have proven to be highly successful, but after significant improvements of both design and manufacturing it is becoming increasingly difficult to improve their performance. To overcome this challenge, designers are looking to piezoelectric based MEMS devices that can offer a paradigm shift in capability.

In this short overview, we will discuss how Lam Research is combining production proven high-volume manufacturing solutions, and novel process capabilities to address these challenges and technology inflections.

Source 1: S&P Global Mobility Automotive Semiconductor Tracker—April 2023

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Elpin Goh

Senior Director, Strategic Marketing, CSBG

Lam Research Corporation

Elpin Goh is Senior Director of Specialty Technologies Business Development at Lam Research. She is responsible for business strategy development and planning in Specialty Technologies in APAC region. She works with various Lam product owners to define product strategy and drive innovative product solutions in Specialty Technologies.

Prior to this, Elpin focused on the sales account management in Lam SEA. Elpin’s experience includes process integration, product management, sales and business development in the foundry and semiconductor equipment industry. She started her career as a process integration engineer at GlobalFoundries where she held various positions in process integration, customer engineering, product management and business development.

Elpin received a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from National University of Singapore, Singapore. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree from University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, UK.

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