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Advanced Packaging and Disaggregated Architectures for Automotive

The recent growth in ADAS and Autonomous Driving has brought a new focus to automotive compute while simultaneously, the introduction of Software Defined Vehicles has seen a consolidation of automotive compute into a centralized architecture – a stark departure of previous distributed zonal architectures. These recent developments have brought great interest and focus into the deployment of advanced packaging and the adoption of “chiplets” through heterogenous architectures.

This talk will address the areas of focus for adopting advanced packaging in automotive use cases as well as put forward a pragmatic approach for introducing chiplets and disaggregated architectures for autonomous driving and ADAS features. Lastly, the talk will cover some critical areas of development and roadblocks for adoption into L4+ systems – such as interposer qualification, material qualifications, and an open chiplet ecosystem.

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Bassam Ziadeh

Global Technical Specialist – IC Packaging, Assembly & Test

General Motors

Bassam is a Global Technical Specialist at General Motors, where he is responsible for defining a strategic roadmap for advanced automotive semiconductor packaging—essential for achieving GM’s role in Autonomous Driving and Software Defined Vehicle compute. Bassam’s expertise lies in Advanced Packaging, Chip and Product Architecture, OSAT and Industry Engagement, and successful product ramps. He is actively involved with IMEC and the UCIe for commercialization of these ventures. Previously, as a Senior Technologist of Advanced Packaging at Intel for 12 years, Bassam pioneered key technologies and process steps for 2.5D and 3D products for data center and client applications such as EMiB and Foveros. He holds degrees in Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering and has contributed extensively to the field through numerous publications, patents, and conference proceedings on advanced packaging and automotive compute.

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