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Advanced Packaging: Navigating System Technology Co-optimization & Embracing Innovation

The global demand for computing is undergoing a notable shift, propelled by factors such as AI/ML, the imperative for ubiquitous connectivity, and a steadfast focus on energy efficiency. In line with the industry’s unwavering commitment to continuous innovation at Moore’s Law cadence, a system technology co-optimization (STCO) approach has been adopted. Consequently, the boundaries between silicon technology and advanced packaging are becoming increasingly blurred.

This keynote delves into the advanced packaging toolset encompassing scaling, materials, testing, and standardization, available to the advanced packaging ecosystem as it navigates the STCO era of Moore’s Law. The importance of sharing ecosystem expertise and ideas across silicon and advanced packaging is underscored for unlocking industry-disrupting benefits. Furthermore, the keynote showcases current innovations aimed at tackling system-level challenges such as bandwidth, energy efficiency, power density, and thermal management.

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Dr. Ann Kelleher

EVP & GM Technology Development

Intel Corporation

Dr. Ann Kelleher is the executive vice president and general manager of Technology Development at Intel Corporation. Since 2020, she is responsible for the research, development and deployment of the next-generation silicon, advanced packaging, and test technologies that power Intel’s innovation. She joined Intel in 1996 as a process engineer and has worked in areas spanning from litho, thin films, yield, to managing all of Intel’s Global operations including Fab and Assembly Test factories, supply chain and construction. She did her Ph.D. in electrical engineering from University College Cork in Ireland and her post-doc at IMEC.

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