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Business Benefits Of SmartSiC™: Unrivaled Technology For Sic In Automotive

For 30 years, Soitec has been designing and manufacturing semiconductor engineered substrates. Soitec is addressing markets for three key megatrends such as 5G/6G, Electrical Vehicles (EVs) and Artificial Intelligence. We foresee EVs to become a significant new growth driver by capturing the two main trends in this market: the Digitalization of the car, and the Electrification of mobility.

By 2030, more than 45 million of cars sold will be EVs. Thanks to its performances, by 2025 it is expected that more than 50% of EVs will use Silicon Carbide (SiC) in their power electronics systems. Silicon Carbide brings several advantages over silicon when it comes to power electronic devices. These include a higher breakdown voltage, higher operating temperature, and higher thermal conductivity that helped imposing SiC as preferred option for inverter for leading EVs. Although amazing progress has been demonstrated past 15 years regarding silicon carbide substrate properties and processing, major limitations remain for a straightforward transition to large volume.

Smart-Cut™ applied to SiC, generating SmartSiC™ engineered substrates aims to accelerate silicon carbide adoption and brings best of SiC by combining high conductivity ultra-flat pSiC and high quality layer of mSiC for device.

Performance wise, this unique vertical structure allows a boost in electrical performance and efficiency of power devices such as MOSFETs and diodes. It brings as well flatness and process simplifications advantages that will be discussed.

On sustainability front, SmartSiC™ is a greener route to volume by targeting CO2 footprint equivalent to silicon wafers, mostly thru vast reuse of donor wafers, obtained at very high thermal budget, for more than 10 SmartSiC wafers for each donor.

This route is also lowering risk lowering capex intensity and speeding 200mm SiC wafers introduction by two years.

All these performances had been demonstrated for manufacturing and triggered the decision for a new fab in Soitec with first production in September 2023. .

The presentation will describe the SmartSiC process and latest results on wafers and devices and how SmartSiC™ is enabling major impacts on SiC business

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Ph.D. Emmanuel Sabonnadière photo

Ph.D. Emmanuel Sabonnadière

VP Division Automotive & Industrial


Since July 2021, Mr Sabonnadiere is Vice-President of the Division Automotive & Industrial of Soitec. He is also in charge of the Strategic Program SiC.

From September 2017 to July 2021, Mr Sabonnadiere was CEO of CEA-Leti, one of the most innovative Labs in the industry of microelectronics and biotechnology, based in Grenoble (France). Previous two years, Mr Sabonnadiere was CEO & Chairman of the Business Group Professional of Signify, former Philips Lighting (Amsterdam). From 2014 till 2016, he served as Senior Associate of MidCap Private Equity firm named Gimv (Paris, Antwerpen, Munich, Den Haag).

Previously in his career, Mr Sabonnadiere was CEO & Chairman of General Cable Europe & Africa (Barcelona). From 2005 till 2008, he was CEO of NKM Noell Gmbh, the German branch of the group REEL. Mr Sabonnadiere was vice-president of the Distribution Transformers division of Alstom T&D for 5 years. He began his career in 1992 with Schneider Electric holding various positions including that of Managing Director of equipment units for 10 years.

Mr Sabonnadiere has a strong innovation and technological background combined with a successful business track record over decades and some key innovations adopted into the markets. With 30+ years of executive leadership of large operations, he produced high level performances of operating margins & results and generation of cashflow. He gained a sound experience of change management in large multi-cultural organizations to adapt to new markets conditions and dynamics in European and International environments. He designed and set-up ambitious strategic plans including some merge & acquisitions.

Mr Sabonnadiere believes in operational excellence, innovations in technology, talents management and enthusiasm in leadership. His sound experience in the European industry make him a highly knowledgeable and respectful Board member.

Mr Sabonnadiere obtained a PhD in physics (France), and an engineering degree in Information Technology (France). He holds an MBA (France)

Mr Sabonnadière is a fully qualified instructor at the ski school in Les Ménuires, and member of the Advisory board of IAC Consultant and Sparring Capital firm.

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Soitec is a world leader in the production of innovative semiconductor materials. The company leverages its unique technologies to serve the electronics markets.

In meeting the technical and economic challenges of mainstream electronics, Soitec is helping to speed up the mobile and digital revolutions. Its products are used to manufacture chips that go into smartphones, tablets, computers, IT servers and data centers as well as electronic components in cars, connected devices, and industrial and medical equipment.

With more than 3,500 patents, the company pursues a strategy of disruptive innovation to provide its customers with products that combine performance, energy efficiency and competitiveness. Soitec’s technologies, projects and industrial capacity make it one of the crown jewels of France’s industrial sector.

Soitec is headquartered in Bernin France. The company was founded 25 years ago in Grenoble’s high-tech ecosystem and has manufacturing facilities, R&D centers and sales offices in Europe, the United States and Asia. Soitec is listed on the Euronext, Tech 40 Paris.

For more information please visit:www.soitec.com.

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