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Doubling Charge Speed And Cycle Life Of The Most Common Batteries With A Revolutionary Charging Algorithm, Enabled By Semiconductors Technologies

Constant current/constant voltage (CC/CV), step-charging, and DC charging are common methods for charging lithium-ion batteries, but result in damage to the batteries, lowering cycle life and charge speed. Much of this damage occurs due to non-uniform current density on the electrode surfaces, which causes electrolyte degradation, dendrites, and lithium plating. Therefore, there is a need for innovation in battery charging methods to address the limitations of existing charge technologies. New charging algorithms that adjust charging to maintain maximum current uniformity can provide much faster charging of batteries while simultaneous extending battery cycle life.

This presentation will provide conclusive electrochemical data showing how Iontra achieves double the charge speed and double the cycle life on today’s commercial cells with their proprietary, scalable charging technology that is implemented on charge control MCUs. Iontra has spent the past few years in stealth mode understanding how batteries want to be charged, then providing them with charging that results in minimal degradation, maximum cell health, faster charging, longer life, and lower temperature charging. Iontra is fresh off the back of a $38M Series B and moving toward further capital raises to support expansion of their technology for various industries including consumer electronics and electric vehicles.

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