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Enabling AI revolution through innovations in Advanced Packaging and Chiplet Technology

In the high-performance computing segment, we continue to see an explosion in demand for computing fueled by the proliferation of AI, 5G and edge computing. However, the slowing of Moore’s law has made it challenging to support this demand with traditional monolithic processors. The advent of large language models is also driving a significant demand for memory and high bandwidth interconnects between the compute and memory chips. Chiplet architecture provides a solution to meet the insatiable demand for compute and memory. By creating custom, modular chiplets and integrating heterogeneous architectures on to one package the overall performance of the processor can be enhanced. Advanced packaging technology such as 2.5D and 3D packaging provide solutions to improve the energy efficiency of the interconnects.

In this talk we will dig deeper into the compute and memory demand for AI accelerator chips. We will review AMDs latest innovations on leveraging 2.5D and 3D packaging to drive performance enhancement and energy efficiency. We delve into the design, process co-optimization needed to achieve higher performance while controlling costs and power consumption. We will conclude our talk with a summary of opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

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Deepak Kulkarni

Senior Fellow Advanced Packaging


Deepak Kulkarni is a Fellow, Advanced Packaging at AMD. Deepak has over 15 years of experience in packaging technology development. Over the years, he has held several leadership positions driving substrate technology development and yield improvement. Prior to joining AMD, Deepak was Senior Director of packaging yield at Intel Corporation. He holds 17 patents and nineteen publications on various aspects of packaging such as 2.5D/3D architectures, DFM/DFY and AI techniques applied to yield management. His contributions to the semiconductor industry have been recognized by an Intel Achievement Award, Next 5% award (AMD) and best paper award (ITHERM). Deepak holds a PhD from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign with a major in mechanical engineering and a minor in computational science.

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