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Ensuring Performance and Accuracy: Production Testing Strategies for Next-Generation Environmental Sensors

This presentation delves into the critical world of production testing for MEMS environmental sensors. As these devices play a pivotal role in the environmental monitoring in many situations (from industry, to homes, to hospitals), ensuring their correct performance is of vital importance. Manufacturers face several challenges in guaranteeing the accuracy and reliability of their sensors, whose production testing can be a complex and time-consuming process. As these devices are sensitive to multiple environmental factors and respond to various stimuli (pressure, temperature, humidity, gas, …), the key thing about their testing resides in the need to develop testing setups able to capture all the electrical and mechanical aspects of the sensor, simulating and controlling a multiplicity of environmental factors. The sensor-type specificities represent a second challenge: each sensor type might require unique testing procedures and hardware setup, and this customization can be time-consuming and costly. Finally, while many applications are requiring more accurate and sensitive devices (that means, very accurate test equipment too), achieving high-volume production requires test cost efficiency. We will showcase how the latest advancements in test equipment are revolutionizing the approach for MEMS environmental sensors, solving all these challenges.

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Marco Pratillo

Sales Manager Semi & MEMS Test Equipment BU


Marco Pratillo received his M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from the Polytechnic of Turin (Italy) in 2012. He promptly joins SPEA as part of the Product and Test Engineering Group in Electronic Industries and Custom Semiconductor Test Equipment. Starting from 2017, he relocated to Suzhou (China) as Test Engineering Manager Mems and Power Semiconductor, where he contributed to the exponential growth of the Semiconductor Division, Power and MEMs. He spent five years working closely with the Sales team aiming to affirm and expand the presence of SPEA’s products. In 2022, Marco returned to Italy in the role of Technical Sales Manager, specifically dedicated to the biggest Semiconductor manufacturing leaders in Asia.

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Established in 1976, SPEA is a world leading company in the field of automatic test equipment for ICs, MEMS, sensors, electronic boards. SPEA serves the big semiconductor IDMs and OSATs with the most cost-effective and high-performance equipment to test automotive, SoCs, analog mixed-signal devices, MEMS sensors and actuators, power and discretes, identification devices, delivering highest measurement capabilities, lowest cost of test and fastest time-to-market. SPEA systems are designed to detect any possible defect in electronic products, so that they won’t fail on the field. High throughput, best detection capability, test techniques designed on the latest technologies requirements, complete configurability. For SPEA customers, testing is not an additional cost, but a tangible competitive advantage.

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