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High Accuracy SPICE Model Faciliate Optimized Design of Power Electronics with SiC MOSFETS

An accurate SPICE model is important for power electronics RD designers to pick up the right topologies according to applications and to optimize the layouts and choose the right components. Characteristics of SiC MOSFET are difficult to modeling using conventional Si-based physics models, and current commercially available models are mostly not accurate here or there, which reduced the usefulness of simulation and increased the complexity for achieving optimized designs. We’ve developed a SPICE model which can be applied to both planar and trench SiC MOSFET with very high accuracy, which will enable engineers to reach their target in an more efficient way.

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Cheng-Tyng Yen


Fast SiC Semiconductor Inc.

Founder & CEO of Fast SiC Semiconductor. fastSiC is a fabless company dedicated on SiC power devices. Fast SiC Semiconductor has mass produced 650V~1700V SiC MOSFETs with its own proprietary designs, which have been adopted by leading customers in the field of server power supplies, charging piles and PV inverters. He has more than 10 years experiences on the design, process, qualification and application of SiC power devices. He currently serves as the TPC member of ISPSD and has published and filed more than 150 papers and patents.

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Fast SiC Semiconductor is a SiC power devices supplier. We supply high performance 650V~1700V SiC MOSFETs and Schottky Barrier Diodes discrete devices and bare chips with our own proprietary designs, for leading customers in applications including PV inverters, EV charging piles, energy storage system, BMS, ATE, motor drive, SMPS for datacenter, OBC and DC/DC for EV, as well as manufacturers of industrial and EV power modules.

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