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ICeGaN: the Call of the GaN Revolution

The semiconductor industry is undergoing a transformational shift with the advent of Gallium Nitride (GaN), a material that offers superior power efficiency, thermal management, and frequency characteristics compared to traditional silicon. GaN’s increased power density and faster switching speeds have revolutionized critical sectors like telecommunications, renewable energy, electric vehicles, and data centers, aligning with the semiconductor megatrends of energy efficiency, miniaturization, and high-speed data transmission.

ICeGaN, the state-of-the-art technology for high voltage GaN HEMTs, enables ease of use and ruggedness thus helping to harvest on GaN expectations and achieve high efficient and high power density in power conversion.

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Giorgia Longobardi photo

Dr. Giorgia Longobardi

Founder and CEO

Cambridge GaN Devices

Dr. Giorgia Longobardi, CEO of CGD, is an experienced engineer with international practice working on GaN power devices design and characterisation. As the inventor of high impact patents in the field of GaN power devices, Giorgia made the unique blend of academic and business know-how one of her biggest strengths.

During her PhD in power devices at Cambridge University, Giorgia worked on international projects with top semiconductor companies, through which, she learned about different cultures operating in this field and gained experience managing and budgeting multi-partner projects. Curious and knowledgeable, Giorgia leads an experienced diverse team of passionate people working with enthusiasm and continuous drive to do things better. She never forgets why she founded CGD: to change how energy is used and protect the environment with efficient power electronics.

She is a member of the energy management committee at PSMA (power Sources manufacturers association) and Strategic Advisory Board at the Henry Royce Institute for materials.


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A spin-out of the Cambridge University, Cambridge GaN Devices (CGD) is a fabless semiconductor company that develops a range of energy-efficient GaN-based power devices to make greener electronics possible.

Operating at a market worth exceeding $30 billion, CGD completed several funding rounds to develop and deliver to the market a wide range of products for consumer and industrial applications.

In autumn 2021, the company was named Tech Scaleup of the Year by Business Weekly in the category of green electronics and was awarded the UK Business Angels Association (UKBAA) deep tech Investment of the Year.

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