• 17:30 – 17:50

Illuminating and complementing: Light-Based Sensing

Light-based sensing technologies have enabled and improved wide range of use cases. This presentation explores the foundational technologies, working principles and building blocks of light-based sensing and actuating. The focus is on specific use case values coming from consumer applications. Key technologies include specialization for light sensing of semiconductor, package, and system architecture including software. Complementing and competing technologies, such as radar and ultrasonic are also discussed. The presentation concludes with a call for industry collaboration to unleash the value of light- sensing in attractive verticals.

Dr. Roland Helm

Senior Vice President, Head of Integrated Optical Sensing


Roland joined ams Osram in January 2024, as Senior VP, Heading the Business Line Integrated Optical Sensors. He has a track record in the semiconductor and sensors industry spanning 20 years where he held various leadership positions. In his previous role, he has grown a MEMS business from technical feasibility to technology and market leadership. Before he was working in a technology start-up and in a business consultancy. He is passionate to capture the value of new technology matching the needs of modern society. Roland lives with his family with three kids in Munich. He enjoys time with his family, endurance sports, skiing and sailing.

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A global leader in innovative light and sensor solutions
At ams OSRAM, we pioneer differentiating light and sensor solutions. Looking back on more than 100 years of industry experience, we combine engineering excellence and global manufacturing capabilities with passion for cutting-edge innovation. Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of illumination, visualization, and sensing has earned us the trust of customers worldwide. Together, we create break-through applications that make our world safer, smarter, and more sustainable.

“Sense the power of light” – our success is based on our deep understanding of the potential of light. We harness its full spectrum – visible and invisible – to illuminate our surroundings as well as gather information from them. By adding intelligence to light, we enable our customers to drive transformative applications.

Our distinct portfolio of advanced light and sensor technologies sets us apart in our industry. It includes high-quality semiconductor-based light emitters, sensors, CMOS ICs and software as well as a range of traditional lighting technologies for automotive and special applications.

Our around 20,000 employees worldwide focus on innovation alongside the societal megatrends of digitalization, smart living, energy efficiency, and sustainability. Our light and sensor technologies are setting industry standards in the automotive, industrial, medical and consumer electronics markets. This is reflected in our global portfolio of some 14,000 patents and patent applications. Headquartered in Premstaetten/Graz (Austria) and Munich (Germany), the group achieved EUR 3.6 billion revenues in 2023.

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