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Let’s Mobilize Digital Innovation in Europe

Digital technologies are indispensable in today’s interconnected world. They drive economic growth, empower individuals, enable social networking, increase access to educational resources, empower telemedicine, enhance efficiency and productivity, and many more. Europe has been the birthplace to many scientific breakthroughs in the field of semiconductor and quantum technologies, but it is lagging in translating scientific achievements into market products. Often European innovators and start-ups struggle to raise necessary financial support to bring their products from lab to fab or scale up. European Innovation Council (EIC) as the largest public fund organization in the world that aims to identify, develop, and scale up breakthrough technologies and game changing innovations in Europe. This presentation will introduce EIC digital activities as well as EIC Funding opportunities for digital technologies, from responsible electronics to quantum technologies, in 2023.

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Samira Nik

Programme Manager – Quantum Technologies and Electronics

European Innovation Council and SMEs Agency (EC EISMEA)

Samira obtained a PhD in Materials Science from the Applied Physics Department of Chalmers University of Technology, specialising in superconducting quantum devices, nanoelectronics and materials characterisation.

After her postdoctoral fellowship in nanoelectronic devices, she became an R&D project manager in one of the leading foundries in the semiconductors industry in Sweden, where she developed the expertise to create proof-of-concept of innovative piezoelectric sensors and energy harvesting devices. Samira learned even more about the practical obstacles that scientists and startups face through her role in the cleanroom management team in one of the largest nanoelectronics hubs in the world, IMEC, Belgium.

Samira transitioned from technical to policy work with becoming Project Manager – Innovation in the European Standardisation Organisations (CEN-CENELEC). In this role, she worked very closely with the European Commission and National Standardisation Bodies for creating a stronger connection between R&I communities and industry.

Since April 2022, Samira works a Programme Manager for Quantum Technologies and Electronics in EC European Innovation Councils and SMEs Agency, where she is responsible for developing visions for technological and innovation breakthroughs, the active management of portfolios of EIC supported projects to support these visions, and bringing together stakeholders to put these visions into reality.

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The EIC is Europe’s flagship innovation programme to identify, develop and scale up breakthrough technologies and game changing innovations.

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