• 10:00 – 10:20

MEMS Breaks Through the AI Bottleneck

AI serves as the computational brain for advanced electronic applications, requiring high-quality sensory data to interact effectively with the environment. Emulating sophisticated sensory systems at a micromachined scale, MEMS technologies bridge this gap to enhance AI’s potential. Current advancements in MEMS — particularly in areas such as 3D LiDAR sensors, tactile sensors for robotics, and high dynamic range microphones —are pivotal in overcoming common AI bottlenecks. Additionally, MEMS integration can streamline neural networks, facilitating more efficient AI workflows. This talk will explore how MEMS technologies address crucial performance, reliability, stability and cost issues, thereby opening new market opportunities and significantly impacting future industry trajectories. We will also discuss how MEMS mitigates the power and thermal challenges posed by increasingly powerful and energy-intensive GPUs.

Eric Aguilar photo

Eric Aguilar

Co-founder & CEO

Omnitron Sensors

An award-winning entrepreneur, Eric is a visionary leader in the field of advanced sensor systems for complex systems such robotics and autonomous platforms.

Throughout his distinguished two-decade career, Eric’s passion for sensor design and innovation has made him a key player in the industry. His expertise includes leading teams at renowned companies such as Tesla, where he managed a crew of 300 engineers on the firmware for Model 3, and at X, where he spearheaded the development of Google Project Wing, an autonomous drone delivery service.

Eric’s expertise in sensor integration includes a leadership position at Argo AI, a self-driving venture supported by Ford and Volkswagen. His role in steering product development for a sensor company later acquired by Google for $85 million — as well as his pioneering work building sensors for drones at US Navy Research Labs — further showcase his depth of experience.

Eric earned a BS in Electrical Engineering from California State Polytechnic University and has pursued advanced studies in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at the University of Southern California. His work continues to shape the future of MEMS and sensors technology, making him a sought-after thought leader and speaker in the field.

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Omnitron Sensors is rewriting the script on building high-performance low-cost sensors for the world of tomorrow. Leveraging its executive team’s extensive experience designing, fabricating, and using MEMS sensors, Omnitron has developed a “new topology for MEMS” that addresses some of the most pressing pain points in MEMS manufacturing.

Featuring the clever arrangement of silicon process steps and a new packaging method, Omnitron’s topology significantly improves performance to produce robust, rugged, reliable, repeatable, and low-cost MEMS sensors in high volumes by leveraging commercial MEMS foundries.

The company’s first proof point of its new topology for MEMS is a large, robust, low-cost, MEMS scanning mirror for long-range LiDAR.

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