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New Energy to Semiconductor – Heterogeneous Integration Packaging

Heterogeneous Integration (HI) is now one of key semiconductor worldwide trends and developing important impact and increasing influence to chip designer, Fab, OSAT, OEM/ODM and entire supply-chain enablers. The view on impact and influence can be pretty different to mobile, IoT, HPC, and automotive applications’ system developers based on various HI solutions. This presentation will discuss the HI packaging as a new enabling energy for semiconductor migration.

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Dr. C.P. Hung

Corporate VP RD


Dr. C.P. Hung currently holds the position of Vice President, Corporate R&D, at ASE Group. Based in Taiwan, he leads teams responsible for next-generation product development featuring integrated technologies, as well as a broad range of advanced chip, package, and system integration solutions with multiple ASE and USI Sites.

During his tenure, Dr. Hung has performed a variety of management roles at ASE, including VP of Corporate Design, VP of Central Engineering & Business Development and VP of Logistic Services Integration. He holds 180 patents encompassing IC packaging structure, process, substrate and characterization technology. He has also published over 104 conference and journal papers.

Dr. Hung is a board of governor of IEEE EPS since 2019. He has being the SEMICON Taiwan PKG & TEST Committee Chair since 2013, and currently Co-Chair since 2021.

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ASE is the leading global provider of semiconductor manufacturing services in assembly and test. With a proven track record spanning almost 40 years, ASE today is at the forefront of flexible, powerful, integration technologies that achieve criteria for improved power, performance, area, and cost requirements. Our comprehensive toolbox leveraging innovative technologies, such as die interconnection, wafer level fan out, embedded devices, conformal and compartmental shielding, integrated antenna, and others, are being refined and enhanced to support future generations of system integration. Heterogenous Integration through SiP is enabling significant innovation across dynamic application areas including AI, 5G, automotive, mobile, IoT and more. Our industry is driven by innovation, and through ASE’s miniaturization technologies, we are enabling transformative solutions that are literally changing lives, from health to transportation, from Robotics to AI, from IoT to 5G.

Website: ase.aseglobal.com

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