• 11:45 – 12:05

New Foundry MEMS Ecosystem Accelerator

InchFab offers a new approach to MEMS foundries. It gives the MEMS industry a low cost and fast cycle time microfab service solution designed for today’s microfabricated technologies, addressing the needs of the bio, medical, IoT, aerospace and industrial sensing markets. At InchFab, we enable rapid, cost- efficient development and rapid, low risk scaling to production for today’s emerging technologies. InchFab’s low capex approach to foundry expansion will be discussed as will the ability of InchFab to assist regions wanting to quickly develop their semiconductor infrastructure.

Doug Sparks

Vice President Business Development


Doug Sparks is the InchFab VP of business development. He is also the president of M2N Technology, the former CTO of Hanking Electronics and founder and president of NanoGetters. Doug has been in the MEMS indistry for over 3 decades in a variety of roles from startups to management, process, design and packaging.,

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InchFab uses an ultra-low-cost scalable “micro-sized” fab platform. Today InchFab uses this platform to provide highly flexible and cost effective MEMS foundry services to its customers and partners.

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