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SingleDieTM MEMS-Based SAW MEMS on CMOS Reference Clock for Automotive and Industrial Applications

With no doubt, we are all witnessing the digitization of all aspects of our life promising formidable devices and business opportunities. The automotive industry’s push for autonomous driving and electrification is challenging suppliers and designers. Automotive requirements are very demanding not only on reliability but also performance under harsh environments and across wide temperature ranges. Modern cars have more than 50 timing devices needing a stable reference clock. Classically these clocks were based on Quartz crystals yet such traditional solutions face many performance challenges. Pearl Semiconductor SingleDie™ technology uses an innovative MEMS based solution integrating the resonator on the CMOS die forming a true one-stop shop for a reference clock that can withstand tough and demanding automotive requirements such as temperature and mechanical vibration. This breakthrough technology will pave the way to the first reference clock and timing chiplet solution opening unprecedented levels of integration and security.

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Ayman Ahmed


Pearl Semiconductor

With a genuine passion for entrepreneurship, Ayman accumulated +28 years of engineering and managerial experience in the semiconductor industry. As one of the co-founders of Si-Ware Systems in 2004, he assumed several roles including VP of ASIC Engineering and VP of ASIC Marketing & Business Development before starting the Timing BU and then spun it out as Pearl Semiconductor in 2020. Ayman has notable contributions in the Timing industry such as leading the MEMS-Based Programmable Clock Generator Development program for Discera (Microchip) and a CMOS only LC-Based Self-Compensated Oscillator (SCO). Ayman holds 10 patents and received his B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in electronics and communication engineering from Ain-Shams University, Cairo, Egypt in 1994 and 2002 respectively.

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