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Solutions for Substrates Production

Substrates production to face some new challenges. Chaplet’s requirement increasing, new materials are needed, miniaturization, power consumption, thermal management, High Frequency requirements, Cost, Geo-political situation, and investments security for new fab.

Embedded Traces process is one of the answers of the challenges, ET opens new design opportunities for the next generation of substrates, secure CAPEX investments due to the extended capabilities including automation, a green production technology with reduced water and power consumption can open the possibility of near shoring.

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Laurent Nicolet photo

Laurent Nicolet

VP Business Electronics


Mr. Nicolet, a Swiss-born professional in the PCB business, has been involved since 1982. He served as production manager for Seprolec and later as technical director for Cicorel. In 2000, he joined Multek as technical director, acting in Germany, USA, and China for six years. In 2006, he joined SCHMID as technical director for PCB machines and took responsibility for the PCB business. In 2009, he moved to Hong Kong and managed the production site and worldwide sales. Since 2020, he is located in Taiwan and serves as the V.P. of BU Electronics for the SCHMID Group.

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The SCHMID Group is a world-leading global solutions provider for the high-tech electronic, photovoltaics, glass, and energy systems industries, with its parent company Gebr. SCHMID GmbH is based in Freudenstadt, Germany. Founded in 1864, today it employs more than 800 staff members worldwide, and has technology centers and manufacturing sites in multiple locations including Germany and China, in addition to several sales and service locations globally. The Group focuses on developing customized equipment and process solutions for multiple industries including electronics, renewables, and energy storage. Our system and process solutions for the manufacture of substrates, printed circuit boards and other electrical components ensure highest level of technology, high yields with low production costs, high efficiency, quality, and sustainability in green production processes. www.schmid-group.com

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