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Transforming Automotive Interfaces with UltraSense Systems’ Cutting-Edge Monolithic Silicon/PMUT Technology

At UltraSense Systems, we’re at the forefront of revolutionizing automotive touch interfaces with our state-of-the-art HMI Controller solutions and innovative In-Plane Sensing approach. Our advanced monolithic silicon/PMUT technology turns ordinary surfaces into highly responsive, solid surface touch interfaces, delivering an unparalleled driving experience. In today’s automotive industry, touch user interfaces are crucial for modernization and product differentiation.
Our groundbreaking multi-mode touch and force fusion sensing capabilities, enhanced by AI and Machine Learning algorithms, enable virtually any surface of any material (metal, glass, fabric,..) within a vehicle to function as an intuitive touch interface. At the core of our offerings is the smart-solid-surface Human Machine Interface (HMI) controller, which provides customizable features such as audio, illumination, haptics, and user feedback, all designed to elevate the driving experience. By replacing mechanical interfaces with intuitive Smart-Solid Surfaces using our PMUT technology platform, UltraSense enhances both automotive interior and exterior modernization, providing a cost-effective advanced tactile sensing/HMI solution for automotive OEMs.

Mo Maghsoudnia

Founder & CEO

UltraSense Systems

Mo Maghsoudnia is the visionary Founder and dedicated CEO at the helm of UltraSense Systems, a pioneering company in the technology and manufacturing sector. With a track record of transformative leadership and innovation, Mo has been instrumental in shaping the industry landscape.

Before founding UltraSense, Mo Maghsoudnia made significant contributions as the Vice President of Technology & Manufacturing at InvenSense. In this influential role, he oversaw global operations and spearheaded the development of cutting-edge Process Technology. Under his guidance, InvenSense achieved remarkable success, culminating in its acquisition by TDK for a staggering $1.4 billion in 2017.

Prior to his tenure at InvenSense, Mo Maghsoudnia served as the Vice President of Manufacturing at NetLogic MicroSystems. Here, he demonstrated his exceptional ability to steer manufacturing operations, elevating the company from a single product line to a diversified product portfolio powerhouse. His adept leadership, combined with a diverse product range, paved the way for Broadcom’s acquisition of NetLogic MicroSystems for a
remarkable $4 billion in 2012.

Mo’s expertise is firmly rooted in his academic pursuits, holding a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from Santa Clara University. His passion for innovation is further underscored by his impressive intellectual property portfolio, boasting 12 patents, and an extensive list of research papers that he has authored.

Mo Maghsoudnia’s unwavering commitment to technological advancement and his exceptional leadership have left an indelible mark on the tech and manufacturing sectors, solidifying his status as a true industry luminary.

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UltraSense Systems transforms driver touch interfaces in automotive with its In-Plane Sensing solutions, which enable multi-mode sensing, processing, and AI / Machine Learning algorithms to turn almost any surface into the ultimate touch experience. UltraSense In-Plane Sensing includes a SmartSurface Human Machine Interface (HMI) controller for programmable audio, illumination, haptics, and user feedback. When integrated into steering wheels, infotainment systems, and other in-vehicle interfaces, UltraSense offers a more intuitive and modern experience for drivers; a more integrated, easier to manufacture and thinner solution for tier-suppliers; and greater design options plus recyclability and sustainability benefits for automakers.

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