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Vibration sensors with AI for in industry applications

With the capability of predictability on equipment health by sensors which may benefits to customers’ manufacturing line with saving cost, capacity maximization, and reducing risk of manufacturing stop. Vibration sensors are widely adopted in different equipment such as lathe, milling machine, ball-screw, and motor to gather their vibration data. By the help of supervised AI machine learning model, we are able to analyze these vibration data and then to classify them to predetermined causes. The noise of vibration sensor is strongly affecting the resolution of sensor and the classification resolution of machine learning model.

In the past decade, we have launched few qualified vibration sensors with both low-noise and wide bandwidth to Taiwan market for applications in industry. Almost each Industrial vibration sensing AI solution is with different features which forces the collaboration between sensor supplier, system integration provider, and user becoming must so as to short the development lead time.

Yu-Wen Hsu photo

Dr. Jacob Hsu

CTO of Smart Sensing & Systems Technology Center

Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)

Yu-Wen Hsu received the Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering from National Taiwan University, Taipei, ROC. He is currently the Chief Technology Officer responsible for developing MEMS devices and applications with smart sensing system center, industrial technology research institute, Taiwan.

He received gold medal for national innovation and creative award in 2014 and hold 31 patents in MEMS and sensors. His current research interests are in the novel navigation-grade IMU for INS, high speed MEMS voltage/current sensors for UPS/power module, multi-gases sensor with self-healing for e-nose.

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