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Enhancing Europe’s Leadership in MEMS & Sensors: Seizing Opportunities with the EU Chips Act

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MEMS sensors and actuators bridge the natural and virtual worlds, unlocking the potential of digital technologies across key industries like automotive, manufacturing, and healthcare. This sector is thriving, showing consistent growth, with Europe leading the charge through its advanced companies and world-class research institutions. Strengthening Europe’s presence in this sector is crucial for maintaining its leadership in the digital revolution. The European Commission is dedicated to sustaining this growth and enhancing Europe’s position in the field, recognizing the strategic importance of the MEMS sector. The EU Chips Act is designed to support this by addressing challenges across the entire semiconductor value chain, benefiting the MEMS sector through enhanced collaboration, research, and funding. This legislation aims to create a more resilient and innovative ecosystem for European MEMS manufacturers and developers. In this keynote, we will provide an overview of the EU Chips Act, highlighting the vast opportunities it offers, including access to world-leading research and innovation platforms, as well as various funding opportunities tailored for the MEMS sector.

Pierre Chastanet

Head of Unit of “Microelectronics and Photonics Industry” Unit, DG CNECT

EU Commission

Pierre Chastanet is Head of the Unit for Microelectronics and Photonics Industry at the European Commission, where he manages the development of European semiconductor policy and the implementation of the European Chips Act.

Mr. Chastanet has been working for over 17 years in the European Commission, supervising different digital policies in the areas of cloud, data flows, software, cybersecurity, privacy, green ICT, and telecom innovation.

Prior to that, Mr. Chastanet gained more than 10 years of ICT experience, mostly in various IT management positions in a large multinational company.

He graduated from Telecom ParisTech, the Free University of Brussels, and the London School of Economics and Political Science. He also earned a Leadership Executive Certificate from Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

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