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Tamara Baksht


VisIC Technologies

Born and raised in Tomsk, Siberia, former USRR, Tamara is founding CEO of VisIC technologies a and one of the pioneers in GaN transistors technology. Tamara’s GaN expertise started from PhD study in Tel Aviv, Israel in 2001 for high power high frequency GaN transistors and continued through development and qualification of GaN technologies for power and RF applications.

Prior Tel Aviv’s PhD, Tamara earned degrees in Philosophy and Physics from Tomsk State University, and last 10 years she is leading the VisIC company to be the major player in power electronics for EV market.

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VisIC Technologies has a decade of experience in creating, developing, and advancing concepts based on cutting-edge Gallium Nitride-on-silicon technology. We develop solutions that help reduce energy waste in power conversion systems, with a focus on battery electric vehicles (BEV). Our patented D3GaN technology – Direct Drive D-mode GaN – addresses the automotive industry’s cost, supply, sustainability, reliability, quality, and performance needs.

With our D3GaN technology, BEV can save up to 50% on power losses over the driving cycle of the electric car, thus reducing battery cost and increasing driving range and performance. This solution also reduces the cooling system requirements and the size of the BEV inverter.

VisIC Technologies has produced the first GaN-based transistors used in automotive inverters. By utilizing the GaN on Silicon technology, we address the supply chain concern as we are using existing semiconductor high-volume production lines.

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