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Transforming Industries at the Atomic Scale: The Power of Atomic Scale Advanced Manufacturing and the Advanced Innovation Ecosystems

The cutting-edge technology developed by ATLANT 3D revolutionizes the electronics, optics, and photonics industries through atomic-scale advanced manufacturing. ATLANT 3D develops the technology equipment, processes, and services and a new business model to enable innovation of new advanced electronics and functional applications without geographical restrictions and through the whole value chain from lab to fab. ATLANT 3D model of advanced manufacturing hubs – A- Hubs – will create a novel network-centric innovation ecosystem with a goal to speed up the development of critical micro and nanosolutions with faster go-to-market and simple or even impossible previous functionality. Vertical-oriented The vertical or geographically oriented A-Hub model can speed up innovation and create strong economic growth, or the geographically oriented A-Hub model can speed up innovation and create strong economic growth nevertheless of global reality.

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Maksym Plakhotnyuk, Ph.D. photo

Maksym Plakhotnyuk, Ph.D.

Founder & CEO


Inventor of first-ever atomic layer advanced manufacturing technology that enables materials, devices, and microsystem development and manufacturing with atomic precision. A scientist with a Ph.D. in Nanotechnology and Photovoltaics with expertise in nanotechnologies, renewable and exponential technologies, and deep knowledge of photovoltaics, semiconductor processing, solid-state physics, and material science. Member of Forbes Technology Council, Hello Tomorrow Grand Winner, Fulbright scholar, and proud Ukrainian.

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Nanosystems is a Danish deep-tech startup that develops a unique atomic layer advanced manufacturing technology for on-demand electronic materials development and microdevice manufacturing. ATLANT 3D technology combines thin film deposition with an additive manufacturing approach to selectively deposit material one atomic layer at a time. This is the first-ever concept to be realized in such a way and the uniqueness of the technology is that it can print directly different materials on flat and complex surfaces combining different materials with atomic precision and micro resolution. It opens opportunities for innovation in the electronics space.

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