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Wolfspeed’s SiC Optimized Power Module Approach

Wolfspeed’s founders were the first to successfully commercialize Silicon Carbide, and for more than 35 years have focused on designing and supplying the industry’s highest-performing Silicon Carbide and GaN-on-Silicon-Carbide materials and devices for high-power applications.

In 2015 Wolfspeed acquired Arkansas Power Electronics International Inc. (APEI), which specialized with approx. 50 employees in wide-bandgap advanced and high-performance power modules for a variety of customers and applications, including the defense, aerospace and automotive markets. Since its foundation in 1997, APEI created more than 100 patents and developed a broad power module portfolio above 10,000V and 1,000A.

The acquisition combined two experts with complementary skills to define the ideal combination of device and packaging technology to set the industry standard for power modules.

Today, Wolfspeed’s Power Module Business Unit with almost 150 people globally is developing and offering Silicon Carbide optimized power modules for mainly I&E, automotive and MV/HV applications.

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Sascha Dern

Director of Product Line


Sascha Dern is Director of Product Line of Wolfspeed in Fayetteville, AR, USA, where he is overseeing the global overmolded power module business. Born in Berlin, Germany, Sascha studied Electrical Engineering at the Technical University in Darmstadt and received his Dipl.-Ing. degree in 1998. He started his career at Texas Instruments when he joined the European Graduate Program with three assignments across Europe. Before joining Wolfspeed in 2021, he held various positions in Europe and in the USA at TI, EM Microelectronic Marin, Sensortechnics, Lantiq and Infineon.

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Wolfspeed (NYSE: WOLF) leads the market in the worldwide adoption of Silicon Carbide and GaN technologies. We provide industry-leading solutions for efficient energy consumption and a sustainable future. Wolfspeed’s product families include Silicon Carbide materials, power-switching devices and RF devices targeted for various applications such as electric vehicles, fast charging, 5G, renewable energy and storage, and aerospace and defense. We unleash the power of possibilities through hard work, collaboration and a passion for innovation. Learn more at www.wolfspeed.com.

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