• 08:00 – 08:35


HPC and AI Session

  • 08:40 – 09:10


Google AI and AI for Semiconductor Industry in Taiwan

Jason Ma photo

Jason Ma, Ph.D.

Engineering Director, ChromeOS, Google


As the Engineering Director, Jason Ma oversees Google Taiwan’s site growth, business management and development, as well as leads multiple R&D projects across the board. Before taking this leadership role at Google Taiwan, Jason was a Platform Technology and Cloud Computing expert in the Platform & Ecosystem business group at Google Mountain View, CA. In his 12 years with Google, Jason has successfully led strategic partnerships with global hardware and software manufacturers and major chip providers to drive various innovations in cloud technology. These efforts have not only contributed to a substantial increase in Chromebook’s share in global education, consumer and enterprise markets, but have also attracted global talents to join Google and its partners in furthering the development of hardware and software technology solutions/services.

Prior to joining Google, Jason served on the Office group at Microsoft Redmond, WA. He represented the company in a project, involving Merck, Dell, Boeing, and the United States Department of Defense, to achieve solutions in unified communications and integrated voice technology. In 2007, Jason was appointed Director of the Microsoft Technology Center in Taiwan. During which time, Jason led the Microsoft Taiwan technology team and worked with Intel and HP to establish a Solution Center in Taiwan to promote Microsoft public cloud, data center, and private cloud technologies, connecting Taiwan’s cloud computing industry with the global market and supply chain.

Before joining Microsoft, Jason was Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Soma.com. At Soma.com, Jason led the team in designing and launching e-commerce services, and partnered with Merck and WebMD on health consultation services and over the counter/prescription drugs/services. Soma.com was in turn acquired by CVS, the second largest pharmacy chain in the United States, forming CVS.com, where Jason served as Vice President and Chief Technology Officer and provided solutions for digital integration.

Jason graduated from the Department of Electrical Engineering at National Cheng Kung University, subsequent which he moved to the United States to further his graduate studies. In 1993, Jason obtained a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Washington, with a focus in the integration and innovation of power systems and AI Expert Systems. In 1997, Jason joined the National Sun Yat-sen University as an Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering. To date, Jason has published 22 research papers and co-authored 2 books. Due to his outstanding performance, Jason was nominated and listed in Who’s Who in the World in 1998.

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Our mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

Website: www.google.com
Headquarters: 1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy, Mountain View, CA 94043
Phone: +1 (650) 253-0000

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  • 09:10 – 09:40


Intelligent Computing Everywhere

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ST Liew photo

ST Liew

President, Taiwan & SEA Australia, New Zealand Vice President

Qualcomm Technologies Inc.

ST Liew is a Vice President of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and the President of Qualcomm Taiwan and South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand. ST was born in Malaysia and was educated in Malaysia, Singapore and the UK. His permanent home is Singapore.

In this role, ST is responsible for leading all business and operational functions for Qualcomm in the region. Prior to this role, ST served as the Vice President and President of Qualcomm Taiwan.

ST has more than 30 years of experience leading businesses and R&D in the telecommunication industry. Most recently ST was the President of Acer’s new Business Group SPBG that focused on R&D and Sales of non PC lines of product for the global market while living in Switzerland and later in Taiwan.

Before joining Acer, ST was in Motorola for over 18 years leading Regional R&D Teams and later in Product planning, business Teams across the world in products ranging from Mobile radios, Pagers, Data terminals to Cellular phones. ST has lived in China, Korea, USA and India during his tenure.

Liew received his MBA from the National University of Singapore, and holds a BSc. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Leeds, UK.

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Qualcomm is the world’s leading wireless technology innovator and the driving force behind the development, launch, and expansion of 5G. When we connected the phone to the internet, the mobile revolution was born. Today, our foundational technologies enable the mobile ecosystem and are found in every 3G, 4G and 5G smartphone. We bring the benefits of mobile to new industries, including automotive, the internet of things, and computing, and are leading the way to a world where everything and everyone can communicate and interact seamlessly.

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  • 09:40 – 10:10


AI Computing on Edge Devices

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Dr. Bor-Sung Liang photo

Bor-Sung Liang, Ph.D

Senior Director, Corporate Strategy & Strategic Technology


Dr. Bor-Sung Liang is currently a Senior Director of Strategic Technology Exploration Platform at MediaTek, Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan, and concurrently serving as a Visiting Professor at Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, EECS and GSAT in National Taiwan University, as well as a Professor Ranked Specialist at Institute of AI Innovation, IAIS in National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University. He received his Ph.D degree from Institute of Electronics, National Chiao Tung University, and graduated from EMBA, College of Management, National Taiwan University.

Dr. Liang has received several important awards, such as Ten Outstanding Young Persons, Taiwan, R.O.C., National Invention and Creation Award for three times on Invention (one Gold Medal and two Silver Medals) from Intellectual Property Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan, Outstanding Youth Innovation Award of Industrial Technology Development Award from Department of Industrial Technology of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan, Outstanding ICT Elite Award of ICT Month, R.O.C., and K. T. Li Young Researcher Award from Institute of Information & Computing Machinery and ACM Taipei/Taiwan Chapter. He is also the major inventor of more than 80 patents worldwide.

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MediaTek Incorporated (TWSE: 2454) is a global fabless semiconductor company that enables 2 billion connected devices a year. We are a market leader in developing innovative systems-on-chip (SoC) for mobile device, home entertainment, connectivity and IoT products. Our dedication to innovation has positioned us as a driving market force in several key technology areas, including highly power-efficient mobile technologies, automotive solutions and a broad range of advanced multimedia products such as smartphones, tablets, digital televisions, 5G, Voice Assistant Devices (VAD) and wearables. MediaTek empowers and inspires people to expand their horizons and achieve their goals through smart technology, more easily and efficiently than ever before. We work with the brands you love to make great technology accessible to everyone, and it drives everything we do.

Visit www.mediatek.com for more information.

Telephone: +886-3-567-0766 ( more sites )
Email: https://corp.mediatek.com/about/contact-us

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  • 10:15 – 11:15

Networking and Coffee Break Business Meeting Slot 5&6

  • 11:20 – 11:40

Unlocking Values: The Power of AI/ML in Semiconductor Test

This presentation offers an in-depth exploration of how artificial intelligence and machine learning are revolutionizing semiconductor testing. We will chart a course through the industry’s evolving landscape, highlighting how Advantest’s strategic foresight is aligning with these technological advancements. We will tackle pressing challenges in advanced packaging and the imperative for robust security measures underpinned by a Zero Trust model. Additionally, we will examine the synergy between the Open Solutions Ecosystem and ACS Real-time Data Infrastructure. Highlighting practical AI/ML use cases, we will demonstrate enhancements in yield, quality, and time-to-market delivery. Join us for an exploration of transformative solutions and a forward-looking perspective on AI/ML’s role in shaping the semiconductor testing future.

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Michael Chang photo

Michael Chang

VP & GM, Advantest Cloud Solutions


Michael Chang is the Vice President and General Manager of Advantest Cloud Solutions (ACS), a strategic business unit within Advantest Corporation to enable customers in the Advantest value chain to deliver improved yield, quality, and time to volume / market. Michael boasts 25 years of diverse experience leading product innovations and business growth across AI/Machine Learning, Cloud Datacenter and Semiconductor spaces. Before joining Advantest, Michael was the General Manager of AI Solutions business at Supermicro Computer. Prior to Supermicro, he was the Co-founder of a deep learning startup company. He has also held multiple leadership roles at several IC companies including LSI, Marvell, and Vitesse semiconductor. Michael holds an MBA degree from Haas Business School at UC Berkeley, a bachelor degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering from the National Chiao Tung University and has completed the Executive Leadership Program from Stanford’s Graduate School of Business.

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Advantest (TSE: 6857) is the leading manufacturer of automatic test and measurement equipment used in the design and production of semiconductors for applications including 5G communications, the Internet of Things (IoT), autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, smart medical devices and more. Its leading-edge systems and products are integrated into the most advanced semiconductor production lines in the world. The company also conducts R&D to address emerging testing challenges and applications, produces multi-vision metrology scanning electron microscopes essential to photomask manufacturing, and offers groundbreaking 3D imaging and analysis tools. Founded in Tokyo in 1954, Advantest is a global company with facilities around the world and an international commitment to sustainable practices and social responsibility. More information is available at www.advantest.com.

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  • 11:40 – 11:50

Assembly Technologies for the Front End

The drive towards 3D chiplets to extend Moore’s law is changing the way we think about advanced packaging interconnect. Assembly processes like die attach that used to be performed only in back-end factories are now being inserted into front-end wafer fabrication process flows. This presentation explores the latest advancements in front-end assembly technologies, focusing on bringing hybrid bonding into production and improving its accuracy and speed. We will also delve into recent advancements in TCB for 3D chip-to-wafer connections. The discussion will compare and contrast the relative benefits of hybrid bonding and TCB for both logic and memory applications. The adoption of these technologies in high performance AI devices and other applications will be discussed.

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Chris Scanlan photo

Chris Scanlan

SVP Technology


Chris Scanlan is Senior Vice President Technology at Besi Switzerland where he is leading advanced technology road map development and technical promotion. Prior to joining Besi he was Vice President of Worldwide Applications Engineering at JCET Group where he was responsible for business development, technical program management, and product design. From 2009 to 2019 he was SVP of Product Development at Deca Technologies, a wafer level packaging technology provider. As a founding member of Deca, Chris was primarily responsible for the development of Deca’s portfolio of intellectual property and technology relating to M-Series fan-out, Adaptive Patterning and advanced wafer-level manufacturing methods. Chris worked at Amkor Technology for 10 years where he held leadership positions including VP of Global R&D, VP of the Advanced Products business unit and VP of the System-in-Package business unit. Chris started his career at Motorola Semiconductor where we developed a manufacturing line for high power IGBT modules, and managed the transfer of Motorola’s fcCSP technology from R&D to production. He has 70 issued US patents related to semiconductor packaging. He earned his Master of Science degree in Materials Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

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BE Semiconductor Industries N.V. (“Besi”)is a leading supplier of semiconductor assembly equipment for the global semiconductor and electronics industries focusing primarily on the advanced packaging segment of the market. Besi develops leading edge assembly processes and equipment for leadframe, substrate and wafer level packaging applications in a wide range of end-user markets including electronics, mobile internet, cloud infrastructure, computing, automotive, industrial, LED and solar energy. Customers are primarily leading semiconductor manufacturers, assembly subcontractors and electronics and industrial companies. Besi’s ordinary shares are listed on Euronext Amsterdam (symbol: BESI). Its Level 1 ADRs are listed on the OTC markets (symbol: BESIY Nasdaq International Designation) and its headquarters are located in Duiven, the Netherlands. Research and Development is organizedin Switzerland, Austria and the Netherlands. Support and production is in Singapore, Malaysia and China. For more information, please visit our website at www.besi.com.

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  • 11:50 – 12:10

REALITY Twin vs. Digital Twin: Revolutionizing Industrial Remote Management

The perfect image for vision AI closely mimics the human visual system, offering a non-distorted panoramic view. Unlike conventional camera images with many limitations, Cupola360 technology not only provides immersive experiences but also delivers the most AI-friendly images in real-time, 24/7, continuously enhancing AI accuracy and efficiency. This capability unlocks a multitude of possibilities for AI-driven applications.

Imagine immersing yourself in crucial moments missed, whether uncovering breakthroughs at factory crime scenes or capturing the essence of concert performances. This isn’t just a concept from science fiction; it’s a game-changer with practical applications across manufacturing sectors. Recognized by the World Economic Forum (WEF) as the world’s first AI server Lighthouse Factory, the facility covered in the presentation demonstrates the effective integration of Cupola360 technology, signifying a significant milestone in validating its efficacy within the manufacturing domain, elevating beyond conventional IP CAMs and SCADA systems.

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CJ Hsieh photo

CJ Hsieh




  • Advisory board, ISES Taiwan
  • Co-chair of Test Committee, SEMI Taiwan
  • General Manager, INTEL Innovation Tech. Ltd.
  • Spokesperson, INTEL Taiwan
  • Consulting Committee, National QUEMOY University
  • VP of Global Operations, LANTIQ Deutschland GmbH
  • GM & VP of Professional Services Lab, SPIROX Corp.
  • AVP of ASIC Design Services and Production Turnkey, FARADAY Tech. Corp.
  • Technical Manager of CPU / Memory Design, UMC
  • Project Leader of EDA DFT, SYNTEST Tech. Ltd.


  • MSEE, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA
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Founded in 2004, ASPEED Technology Inc. is a leading fabless IC design company headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan. With a focus on niche markets, ASPEED specializes in Cloud & Enterprise Solutions, including Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) SoC, Bridge IC, and PFR SoC, and Smart AV Solutions, including AVoIP SoC, Cupola360 spherical image stitching processor and Cupola360+
Software Kit.

ASPEED is devoted to developing innovative technologies in order to quickly respond to customer needs. In 2016, ASPEED acquired Broadcom’s Emulex Pilot™ remote server management chip business and it’s currently the world’s No. 1 BMC SoC provider. Also, ASPEED expanded its product portfolio by launching Cupola360 spherical image stitching processor and Cupola360+ software solutions in 2018.

Recognized as a trusted and reliable partner for customers, ASPEED has been awarded “Forbes Asia’s 200 Best Under a Billion” for nine consecutive years since 2014. The company was also recognized as “Taiwan Best-in-Class 100” by Taiwan Institute of Directors and CDRC Consulting Group in 2022.

Fore more information, please visit https://www.aspeedtech.com/ and https://cupola360.com/.

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  • 12:15 – 13:40

Buffet Lunch

  • 13:45 – 14:05

RISC-V Accelerating ML Innovation and Beyond

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Samuel Chiang photo

Samuel Chiang

Deputy Technical Director

Andes Technology

Samuel Chiang is currently the deputy technical director of Andes Technology’s marketing department, assisting in the planning and promotion of Andes RISC-V 32/64-bit processors and related products. He has 15 years of experience in semiconductor IP design and development, sales and marketing, and customer technical support. He also has four years of sales and marketing experience in the field of IoT cloud and security software. Before Andes, Samuel worked at Canonical in charge of IoT sales for the Asia-Pacific region. Prior to this, he worked at Arm for 16 years, leading the Asia-Pacific and global pre-sales technical teams to cooperate with customers. He was also in charge of business development in the Asia-Pacific region at Pelion, Arm’s IoT software service subsidiary. Samuel worked as a SRAM circuit designer in TSMC’s Design Service Department in the early days. Before that, he worked on C language compiler development in IBM Software Lab in Toronto. He holds a master’s degree in administrative management from National Taiwan University, and a master’s degree and a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from Queen’s University Canada.

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As a Founding Premier member of RISC-V International, Andes is a publicly-listed company (TWSE: 6533; SIN: US03420C2089; ISIN: US03420C1099) and a leading supplier of high-performance/low-power 32/64-bit embedded processor IP solutions, and the driving force in taking RISC-V mainstream. Its V5 RISC-V CPU families range from tiny 32-bit cores to advanced 64-bit Out-of-Order processors with DSP, FPU, Vector, Linux, superscalar, automotive and/or multi/many-core capabilities. By the end of 2022, the cumulative volume of Andes-Embedded™ SoCs has surpassed 12 billion. For more information, please visit https://www.andestech.com.

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Market Outlook on AI

  • 14:05 – 14:25

Generative AI and Chiplet: Impact on semiconductor industry and position of Taiwan

The semiconductor industry, particularly the processor branch, is undergoing significant transformations driven by two key trends: chiplet adoption and the rise of generative AI.

Chiplet is a kind of ground swell for which the industry has geared up and started adopting it for a couple of years. The developers have step by step removed the technical obstacles, putting in place the supply chain.

Generative AI adoption has surged, driven by hyperscalers and cloud players investing heavily in AI servers to construct their infrastructure.

This presentation will unveil the latest trends in chiplet adoption and will dissect Gen AI investment to identify who is making the revenues of it and what we Gen AI means for the processor industry (GPU and AI accelerators vendors) to the supply chain (foundry and OSATs). While describing the global situation and worldwide enthusiasm around AI, this talk will also elaborate on Taiwan’s position and impact in that field.

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Jéröme Azémar photo

Jérôme Azemar

Custom Project Business Development Director

Yole Group

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Yole Développement (Yole) has grown to become a group of companies providing marketing, technology and strategy consulting, corporate finance services, reverse engineering and costing services. With a strong focus on emerging applications using silicon and/or micro manufacturing, Yole Group of Companies has expanded to include more than 80 collaborators worldwide covering MEMS and image sensors, Compound Semiconductors, RF Electronics, Solid-state lighting, Displays, Software, Optoelectronics, Microfluidics & Medical, Advanced Packaging, Manufacturing, Nanomaterials, Power Electronics, Batteries & Energy Management and Memory. Yole, along with its partners System Plus Consulting, PISEO and Blumorpho, support industrial companies, investors and R&D organizations worldwide to help them understand markets and follow technology trends to grow their business.

More information on www.yole.fr.
Follow Yole on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Company website: www.yole.fr
Company phone: +33 472 83 01 80

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microLED Session

  • 14:25 – 14:45

Micro LED Technology and Platform Trend

In this presentation, the focus will be on how COW (chip on wafer) platform satisfies various selective mass transfer types and monolithic type. In addition, the presentation will introduce the key technology development trend for different platforms and highlight the challenges in realizing mass production of Micro LED.

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Sam Chen photo

Sam Chen

Senior Director

Unikorn Semiconductor Corporation

Mr. Chen received his master’s degree at the Institute of Photonics Technologies, NTHU. He served as R&D Director at EPISTAR from 2006 to 2018 and has been the Senior Director and Quality Representative since 2018. His team has successfully developed VCSEL technology and has produced over 500kk chips through the foundry service. Furthermore, his team has also developed Micro LED technology and collaborated with other display module companies to realize mass production of Micro LED in 2023 Since 2012, he has been studying Micro LED and VCSEL devices and has obtained over 136 patents for LED, Micro LED and VCSEL.

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Established in 2018, Unikorn Semiconductor Corp. specializes in providing compound semiconductor foundry services. Unikorn was formed when EPISTAR Corporation, the leading global supplier of LED chips, split from its internal foundry division and established an independent company based on its own core technology. GCS Holdings, Inc. has been an important strategic partner of Unikorn since Unikorn inception. GCS Holdings’ vast experience and advanced manufacturing technology in terms of III-V compound semiconductor communications and optoelectronic component foundries are critical in assisting Unikorn to expand its foundry services.

With the merger of two major LED corporation groups, EPISTAR and Lextar Electronics, in 2021 to establish Ennostar Inc. (Stock Code: 3714), Unikorn became one of the three largest subsidiaries of the Ennostar Group. Unikorn took on the crucial task of being“ the N0.1 investment platform for compound semiconductors” for Ennostar Group through its core work in providing compound semiconductor foundry services.

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  • 14:45 – 14:50

Closing Address

Kamel Ait Mahiout photo

Kamel Ait Mahiout



Kamel Ait Mahiout is a seasoned professional with over 30 years of experience in the electronics industry. His expertise spans from RF and Microwave engineering to executive roles in prominent companies such as Unity SC and Amkor Technology, where he significantly contributed to the growth and alignment of the businesses with key industry players.

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International Semiconductor Executive Summits (ISES) holds a significant position within the semiconductor industry. Since 2010 we have scaled 8 major successful regional events globally. Our initiatives to date have been fully supported by local governments. For e.g., ISES USA is hosted in partnership with the Greater Phoenix Economic Council, ISES Taiwan is hosted in partnership with ITRI, ISES EU is hosted in partnership with the EU Commission, ISES Southeast Asia in partnership with Invest in Penang. We serve as a platform where senior executives in technology, manufacturing and R&D from various semiconductor companies, technology providers, and related industries gather to exchange information, shape strategies, and discuss the industry’s direction. Our summits have influenced industry trends and decisions due to the high-level discussions that take place.

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  • 14:50 – 17:00

Farewell Cocktail Party & Business Meeting Slot 7

  • 14:50 – 15:20 – Business Meeting Slot 7
  • 15:00 – 17:00 – Farewell Cocktail Party

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