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We develop our businesses in two key areas: semiconductor manufacturing equipment and precision measuring systems.
Our philosophy is to generate long-term growth through the creation of “WIN-WIN,” or mutually beneficial, relationships, with all our stakeholders – customers, business partners, shareholders and lnvestors and employees.

Products & Services

Dicing machine cut wafers into individual semiconductor chips with blades.
ACCRETECH Laser dicing machines use lasers instead of blades to dicewafers at high speed in a completely dry process.
Probing machine is a wafer transfer and positioning device used for testing the electrical characteristics of chips formed on wafers. This wafer test is used to sort out good and defective chips.
The polish grinder is a single machine that can both slice various device wafers and remove damage, which has been developed from a unique idea of ACCRETECH-Tokyo Seimitsu. In recent years, the grinder also contributes to various grinding and polishing processes required for advanced packaging technologies such as laminated memory and FO/2.5D/3D.
High-rigidity grinder is the device to grind the hard and brittle materials such as sapphire and Sic substrates that are considered to be hard-to-cut materials.
CMPs remove unevenness on wafer surfaces that occur during the production process. Applications are growing due to the increase of layers in semiconductor devices and the growing variety of wiring materials.
Edge Grinding Machines, The requirement for the wafer quality is getting higher and the condition of wafer edge is getting more important. The edge grinders “W-GM series” process edge grinding of various kind of materials such as Silicon, sapphire and SiC. As a solution for that, Our W-GM series are highly rated among manufactures of silicon, compound materials and other wafer shaped materials. Wafer edge grinding machine also draws the attention as a solution for the yield loss due to the knife edge of device wafer in the back end process. In the semiconductor manufacturing process, from the wafer manufacturing to the device manufacturing, the quality improvement of wafer edge is necessary in recent years. We make proposals that achieve the improvement of quality, CoO and yield with our machine.

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