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Since 2009, ASNA (Applied Seals N.A.) is your premier source for semiconductor grade seals. We carry a full range of AS-568 standard size O-rings, common metric size O-rings, and custom molded O-rings. We deliver total sealing solutions at cost efficiency and with short lead time.

ASNA offers a portfolio of specialty materials to meet the stringent requirements of the most sophisticated industries in the world – those include the formidable semiconductor and aerospace industries. To assure manufacturing to these requirements, ASNA has learned to fully understand these market niches, and develop lines of materials vigilant in matching and exceeding those requirements. The list of these materials, our proprietary semiconductor-grade PERFREZ® perfluoroelastomeric compounds (FFKM), are produced to achieve the most advanced sealing compounds on the global market and are ever evolving to continue to become the leaders in these unique technologies.

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