Core Insight, Inc.

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Core Insight is a leading company for EOS/ESD control with technical expertise and key insights for Advanced Package Device application. Heterogeneous Integration technology revolutionary achieved new device era. This new technology also brought new challenges that much less ESD sensitivity before it finished package device. Core Insight has prepared to meet new level of ESD control with world best ionization solution which no one else have. Core Insight has understanding device technology, manufacturing process and ESD control know-how for Advanced Package Device handling.

Products & Services

QuadPoint Steady-State DC Ionization Technology developed for Advanced Package Device and proved it’s capabilities to minimize ESD risk in critical processes. Induction field and voltage differences are the key ESD risks for Advanced Package Device manufacturing such as Die-to-Die, Die-to-Wafer and Wafer-to-Wafer process. This new DC ionization can minimize voltage differences without induction field. Core Insight can give and technical support for whole new understanding of ESD control with world best solutions.

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