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InnoLux’s commitment to transformation into a leading semiconductor player is evident in its innovative technologies by using the largest carrier for Fan-Out Panel Level Package. By setting new standards in performance and efficiency, InnoLux is shaping the future of semiconductor manufacturing.

InnoLux’s key business offers various of advanced packaging options such as CSP, LGA, QFN, BGA and SiP with Chip-First or RDL-First approaches. Innolux is also a semiconductor component provider of RDL substrate (redistribution layer) and GCS (glass core substrate). RDL and GCS substrates are the trend of making large AI packages, 2.5D packages and packages with slim designs. InnoLux also provides panel level final testing service, which increases throughput, minimizes handling time, and achieves lower total operating costs, ensuring superior product value and customer satisfaction.

InnoLux utilizes our talents and existing equipment from TFT-LCD to set up our production line. With experts join from the advanced packaging field, we are able to build our own packaging technology from scratch, this positions us as a rising star. By continuously refining our methods and embracing new solutions, InnoLux is embarking to become a key player in the advanced packaging arena.

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