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Materials Analysis Technology Inc. (MA-tek) is an enterprise dedicated to the knowledge economy semiconductor industry. The application of materials analysis in various fields of research, processing, and quality control to enhance the speed of product development in the industrial sector. MA-tek has successfully integrated rare and valuable instrument operation services, while also incorporating consultancy and advisory functions to provide a diverse range of sample preparation services accurately and correctly.

MA-tek ‘s professional services can meet the analytical needs of clients in electronic product development, new material structures, and new process development. By effectively transforming traditional complex experimental research methods into standardized commercial services, MA-tek is committed to providing efficient and convenient solutions.

MA-tek possesses the most comprehensive materials analysis laboratory and electronic/electrical laboratory. It holds a leading position globally and promises customers reasonable success rates and delivery times.

Products & Services

Materials Analysis Technology Inc. (MA-tek) provides services in Materials Analysis (MA), Failure Analysis (FA) , Reliability Testing (RA) services, Failure Analysis (FA) and Reliability Testing (RT) services. MA-tek currently has 16 laboratories set up around the world, providing around-the-clock assistance in logistic support and technical services.

MA-tek is an independent lab with ISO9001, ISO15408 and IECQ17025 international accreditations and filed for an IPO in August 2009. Excellent consulting practices and highly efficient analysis techniques ensure quick response time and data delivery within 24 hours.

MA-tek focuses on capital investment of the hi-end analytical systems in solid state electronics and novel materials applications. The equipment performance characteristics have brought the labs to the highest tier of art. The ultimate goal of MA-tek’s labs is to be the most advanced research center while staying close to our customers and become THE BEST R&D PARTNER® with success.

For the MA-tek account number of express delivery, please contact:+886-3-6116678 ext : 3821

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