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As the market demands ever more efficient power electronics, SiC power device manufacturing faces increasing challenges in achieving homogeneous and precise doping of the voltage sustaining layer. This leads to high component cost, yield issues and limits further device progress. Thus, mi2-factory suggests to split up the fabrication of the epi layer into two steps: first, a mere epi-deposition step (undoped) and second, a high precision deep doping step. How to accomplish this? mi2-factory introduces its advanced high energy ion implanter called “EFIITRON.” EFIITRON technology enables high-precision micrometer deep doping with an accuracy better than +/- 3%. This groundbreaking technology offers a precise, flexible, and cost-effective solution for SiC doping in high-volume wafer production. It provides a wide range of options to develop new or enhanced SiC products, with some disruptive possibilities, like 3D doping structures. EFIITRON will also enable novel, cost-effective SiC substrates without the need for expensive epitaxy.

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