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Mitsumi is a member of the MinebeaMitsumi group.
MinebeaMitsumi has a unique business portfolio unlike any other in the world.
Mitsumi semiconductor is developing our business in a vertically integrated style, including the development/design/manufacturing of lithium-ion battery-related, power supply-related, and sensor (MEMS)-related products. Also carry out contract production for specific customers (foundries) as one of our businesses, and also handle power semiconductors such as IGBTs.
Mitsumi Semiconductor Features
1. Since we have Bipolar/CMOS process, we are able to develop and manufacture products that match market needs.
2. We have analog circuit design technology that maximizes the features of lithium-ion batteries.
3. We have applied technology and peripheral circuit design technology for advanced sensing.
(Sensors, ADC, AFE, MEMS, CPU, memory, etc.)
4. Equipped with world-class side-gates and reactive power reduction technology that enables low on-resistance.
Will continue to further deepen our analog core technology and provide products that exceed needs.

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