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NIDEC MACHINE TOOL CORPORATION, 130 Roku-jizo, Ritto, Shiga, 520-3080 Japan

NIDEC MACHINE TOOL CORPORATION is part of Nidec Group and focuses on the design, manufacturing, sales, technical guidance, after-sales and consulting services for machine tools for various industries from automobiles to robots and aerospace.

The company has been manufacturing machine tools since 1939. As one of Japan’s leading manufacturers of specialized and high-precision machine tools it has been developing and brought to market a mass production system for room temperature wafer bonder technology since more than ten years.

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Nidec-Shimpo GmbH, Ludwigstr. 9, 80539 München, Germany

Email:, Web:

Tel: +49-89-125030-787, Fax: +49-89-125030-781

Suppose that two wafers are rigidly bonded at room temperature….such a dreamy idea is realized by SAB (Surface Activated Bonding). SAB is originally developed in Japan and has been studied for a many years. Today SAB technology has been widely applied to various fields, with thanks to its simple process and high degree of freedom in material selection.

Our mission is to help customers in R&D and mass production integrate this technology into their production. BOND MEISTER is the room temperature wafer bonder worth the name of “MEISTER”, which integrates manufacturing technology and process technology that we have cultivated for many years. We will support our customers with reliable bonding machine and high quality bonding process service.

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