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Qdos is a Malaysian Company having vast experience on manufacturing high-technology IC substrates using SAP process & ABF materials for global customers. Our journey started in 1993 at Kulim in Malaysia and now we have sales representation in all parts of the world.

We have multiple factories certified to highest quality standards, each having unique capabilities and experienced leadership team. The company has the strategic objectives of building various technology substrates in Malaysia to help local customers with localisation and geographical diversity. We offer innovative solutions to customers for various interconnect designs. We have a full-service model for providing the customers a complete solution from concept design, substrate manufacturing until customised assembly of the interconnect.

Products & Services

1. Molded Interconnect Substrate (MISLGA/QFN): Coreless thin substrates using SAP process for circuit formation and EMC/ABF/PI for insulation layer having embedded traces (high reliability) with solid copper any shape via (excellent thermal conductivity). Achieves package miniaturization by 70% wrt Lead Frame, thinner package profile wrt Organic Substrates. Excellent for mid IO count having thermal requirements, high isolation, embedded antennae applications.
2. Flexible PCB (FPC/MISTAB): Multiple material & layer stack combination available (unit, panel, reel delivery). Fine line capabilities (20/20) for COF applications (1ML/2ML) on sputtered base materials with precise sprocket tape formation by chemical PI etching. Circuit formation by subtractive & mSAP, multiple surface finishes & SMT assembly available in house.
3. FCBGA Substrate: Latest product for High IO count server applications, with SOP, Coining and ENEPIG finish. Various ABF grades qualified (GX92, GZ41, GL102) with filled copper micro via (stacked) for layer interconnects.

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