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Best-in-class Spray Batch, Carrier Cleaning / Inspection, Coat Develop tailored to Power Device manufacturing.

Sharing a commitment to pioneering intellectual property and worldwide customer service, SHELLBACK and its Rite Track subsidiary provide new and remanufactured equipment & upgrades to enable key markets, including Power Devices, Photonics & LED, Sensors & MEMS, Wireless & Analog, and Memory/Storage. SHELLBACK provides proven equipment solutions across production areas tailored to address your application-specific complexities.

Our industry proven SEMITOOL spray batch product line features TORRENT – the evolution of our proprietary SEMITOOL technology up to 300mm. Combine our proven SEMITOOL STORM Carrier Cleaning System and Rite Track’s popular EAGLEi FOUP/Cassette Inspection System with unparalleled accuracy to improve fab yield. As the owner of the iconic P5000 CVD / Etch system and Rite Track’s legendary coat develop portfolio, including SVG 8X/9X ownership & product expertise on refurbished TEL Mark & ACT systems, we provide an array of upgrades and solutions to suit your needs.

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