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Siconnex is one of the leading suppliers of wet chemistry equipment for etch, clean and resist strip applications. Our semi-automated or fully automated systems features different wafer sizes from 2” to 12” substrates. Our BATCHSPRAY® technology is highly sustainable due to the small requirement of chemicals. As a counterpoint to known systems, which often consumes a lot of chemicals, our processes are environmentally friendly and cost-efficient at the same time.

The main headquarters as well as production is located in Austria, with additional locations in America, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore & France.

siconnex customized solutions GmbH
Gewerbestrasse 2
5322 Hof bei Salzburg

Tel: +43 6229 36 646-0
Fax: +43 6229 36 646-146

Products & Services

100% BATCHSPRAY® Focus

Our systems feature a reduced footprint and are therefore chosen by our customers as a space-saving alternative. To ensure the highest possible safety for the operator, our systems are completely closed to avoid direct contact with chemicals. The combination of several processes and the optimized wafer flows is another major benefit.

Environmental protection through sustainable processes

Due to high savings in water and chemicals, our products are cost-efficient and environment friendly. Two of our greatest process advantages are shown by the following comparative examples.


Three conventional dry etch systems can be replaced by our Acid Autoload system.

  • Throughput: 58% increase
  • Footprint: 81% reduced floor space
  • Costs per wafer: savings of up to 25%


  • A conventional cleaning system can be replaced by our Clean Autoload system.
  • Media costs: 93% saving
  • Throughput: 56% increase
  • Footprint: 35% reduced floor space
  • Costs per wafer: savings of up to 85%

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