Silicon Dynamix


Company Profile

Silicon DynamiX is a US-based start-up company developing silicon chip-scale micromachined actuators to address the mechanical actuation needs in the state-of-the-art highly integrated compact camera modules (CCM). Compact camera modules have become an integral component of smartphones and tablets, while supporting emerging devices and applications such as AR/VR headsets, self-driving cars, drones, etc. Millimeter-scale electromechanical actuators are utilized in advanced CCMs for Auto-Focusing (AF) and shake cancellation via Optical Image Stabilization (OIS). Currently the actuation need in CCMs is met by Voice Coil Motors, electromagnetic actuators comprised of current carrying windings interacting with permanent magnets. Several micro-assembled components in such actuators make them relatively heavy (slow), costly, bulky, power hungry and prone to failure. Silicon DynamiX chip-scale actuators can replace several components present in current CCM assemblies integrating both auto-focusing and OIS functionalities in a single batch fabricated silicon chip.