Taiyo Holdings

Company Profile

Taiyo Holdings is a global chemical manufacturer building a diversified portfolio of technologies to enable “for a cheerful society.” Our business domains encompass electronics materials, medical & pharmaceuticals, green energy, efficient food production, and future business platforms. The electronic materials division is known as the global leader in solder resist technology that enables printed circuit boards and IC substrates to support the world’s most advanced electronic applications. Our business is support by a global network of manufacturing/technical centers and a global R&D center in Ranzan Japan. Taiyo is expanding our materials portfolio to enable new packaging solutions in digital, analog, and power applications with advanced build-up films, photo-imageable dielectric films and molding films for IC substrates, WLP, and PLP applications. New developments supporting the electronics ecosystem are also leveraged via corporate venture capital investments.

Products & Services

The main product categories we cover are printed circuit board (PCB) materials and flat panel display (FPD) materials. PCB materials are mainly solder resist for PCBs, and FPD materials are chemical materials used mainly in touch panels. Leveraging the fundamental technology that we have accumulated in the PCB and FPD materials fields, we aim to develop new product groups targeted at the electronic components industry.

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