Company Profile

Tessvida ( www.tessvida.com )is an experienced total process kits solutions (TKS) provider for IC, pan-semiconductor, new energy and more leading industries. We continuously improve and expand our R&D and manufacturing capabilities with engineering expertise in advanced materials, precision machining and surface treatment, to provide customers with complete product and service solutions. We are in a position to provide a one-stop-shop to meet custom engineered material requirements.

As a continually growing reliable partner for advanced materials manufacturing, Tessvida continues to make substantial investment in developing, strategic suppliers, key technologies, manufacturing capacity, and more comprehensive solutions. Tessvida strives to be a one stop solution provider for customers, to create value and shape the future of technology.

Products & Services

Tessvida’s competitive TKS ( Total process Kits Solution ) includes but not limited to: Spare parts, especially on ceramic parts; Surface treatment and Precision cleaning; R&D, Design, Prototype, and Mass-production.

Tessvida’s ability to offer responsive competitive solutions which meet customer needs in the changing market has a foundation in, qualified suppliers ( mainly in Asia ), integrated manufacturing capabilities, critical quality and cost control, timely response and fast delivery. Practical solutions for emerging challenges can be coordinated through our R&D team per customer roadmap.

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