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Umicore Metal Deposition Solutions is a leading developer and manufacturer of ECD processes (BusinessLine Electroplating) and PVD materials (Business Line Thin Film Products), headquartered in Europe with branches in the USA, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand and China.

In Electroplating, we focus on development, manufacturing and sales of ECD solutions based on Cu, Ni, Sn, In and Au , copper(II) oxide, along with customized anodes and cathodes for ECD tools

In Thin Film Products we focus on development, manufacturing and sales of highest-quality evaporation materials and sputtering targets

Our sustainable solutions meet your highest quality needs and increase yield, performance, cost efficiency and reliability of a semiconductor substrate. They are integral part of Umicore´s “materials for a better life” portfolio and well introduced in the semiconductor advanced packaging industry.

We support with local technical assistance and high quality services during product demonstrations , customer qualifications and of course in HVM scale.

With Umicore, you have a competent and word wide service partner at your side providing your products with a clear advantage – a perfect surface.


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Products & Services

Take Advanced Packaging to a completely new level with Umicore

As functionality and reliability of electronic devices progress, requiring changes in systems development and integration, materials, chemicals and auxiliaries are undergoing significant adaptions in performance, cost-efficiency and reliability.

In order to respond to such needs, Umicore Metal Deposition Solutions is including included both Electroplating and PVD solutions for advanced packaging industry.

In Electroplating, we have partnered with SHINHAO Materials to provide innovative patented additives for copper electroplating into the advanced packaging industry and complement industry needs in combination with Umicore´s Copper(II) oxide and Anode and Cathode solutions for ECD equipment.

In Thin Film Products we successfully develop, manufacture and supply high-quality evaporation materials and sputtering targets in the fields of advanced packaging, compounds, microsystems and silicon front-end segments.

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