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Dr. Stephen Lambert

  • McLaren Applied
  • Head of Electrification
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Dr Stephen Lambert received his Doctorate from the University of Warwick by looking at the applicability of hybrid and electric drivetrains in motorsport. Following this he worked at Lotus Engineering, developing hybrid and electric demonstrator vehicles for a number of OEMs. Through this role, he found himself working closely with battery manufacturers as a key partner for these projects. He has since worked in various roles around developing battery technology in areas such as Formula 1 and high performance road cars. He is now responsible for the electrification strategy for automotive customers with McLaren Applied, where he is helping deliver advantage by empowering customers to introduce and protect new vehicle concepts and technologies and to drive differentiation in the market. He is also chairman of ASEIN, a dedicated UK initiative focused on the accelerated and advanced delivery of Electronic Systems (ES) into vehicles and infrastructure operated by the UK Trade Association – TechWorks.

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Faster Charging, Higher Efficiency, Longer Range. The Next Step in Electrification

As electric vehicles (EVs) become more and more common on our roads, the competition between OEMs will become more and more evident. One key way in which EVs will compete with each other is through improved powertrain efficiency. The reason for this is, with increased powertrain efficiency comes reduced mass, reduced part count, increased range, reduced vehicle cost and reduced charging time and charging costs. The impact and importance of efficiency on these metrics and how Silicon Carbide inverters can support this transition will be explored in this talk.

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McLaren Applied

McLaren Applied’s vision is to pioneer a better future by uniquely applying data science, design and engineering to deliver breakthroughs in performance. It has built upon on a 30-year heritage in electronics and data systems derived from motorsport to successfully move into new sectors including automotive and public transport. The company’s focus is on electronic systems, electric drive, telemetry, software, sensor technology and predictive analytics. Latest products include innovative 800V Silicon Carbide inverters for electric powertrains, robust connectivity solutions with 5G for public transport and market leading telemetry, control and analytics products for motorsport.

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Website: https://www.mclaren.com/applied/

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