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Dr. Victor Veliadis

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Dr. Victor Veliadis is Executive Director and CTO of PowerAmerica, a WBG semiconductor power electronics consortium. At PowerAmerica, he has managed a budget of $146 million that he strategically allocated to 200 industrial and University projects to accelerate WBG semiconductor clean energy manufacturing, workforce development, and job creation. His PowerAmerica educational activities have trained 410 University full-time students in applied WBG projects, and engaged 4100 attendees in tutorials, short courses, and webinars.

Dr. Veliadis is an ECE Professor at NCSU and an IEEE Fellow and EDS Distinguished Lecturer. He has 27 issued U.S. patents, 6 book chapters, and over 125 peer-reviewed publications. Prior to entering academia and taking an executive position at Power America in 2016, Dr. Veliadis spent 21 years in the semiconductor industry where his work included design, fabrication, and testing of SiC devices, GaN devices for military radar amplifiers, and financial and operations management of a commercial semiconductor fab. He has a Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from John Hopkins University (1995).

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Power WBG Semiconductor Technology Commercialization

Silicon power devices have dominated power electronics due to their excellent starting material quality, ease of fabrication, low cost volume production, and proven reliability. Although Si power devices continue to make progress, they are approaching their operational limits primarily due to their relatively low bandgap and critical electric field that result in high conduction and switching losses, and poor high temperature performance.

In this presentation, the favorable WBG material properties, which allow for highly efficient power devices with reduced form-factor and cooling requirements, will be highlighted. Volume application opportunities, where WBG devices are displacing their incumbent Si counterparts, will be reported. Fabrication aspects will be discussed with an emphasis on the non-CMOS compatible SiC processes. Fab models will be analyzed, and the vibrant U.S. SiC manufacturing infrastructure that mirrors that of Si will be introduced. Finally, PowerAmerica’s work to accelerate WBG power electronics commercialization will be briefly outlined.

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PowerAmerica is a consortium of industry, universities, and national labs accelerating the commercialization of energy efficient silicon carbide and gallium nitride power semiconductor technologies. Our membership network spans the wide-bandgap technology ecosystem, from materials to device developers and fabs to module manufacturers to end users, as well as universities that educate and supply the future workforce. As we continue to grow, so does the diversity of our membership.

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