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Keynote: Chidi Chidambaram

  • Qualcomm Incorporated
  • VP Engineering
  • Biography

Chidi Chidambaram leads the process technology engineering team at Qualcomm as Vice President Engineering. Qualcomm is a leader among the fab less industry in bringing leading edge semiconductor technologies to manufacturing. Qualcomm was the first company to ship large volume products in 10 nm technology in 2017. Chidi’s team is also responsible for RF devices based on finlet and SOI transistors. Earlier Chidi developed silicon technology at Texas Instruments and was instrumental in the first embedded SiGe implementation by semiconductor Industry. Chidi is recognized as a IEEE fellow for contribution to strain engineering and Design technology co-optimization (DTCO). Chidi’s 20+ year semiconductor career has evenly straddled research and development with over 60 each of referred articles and patents.

  • Presentation

Semiconductor Opportunities in the Saturating CMOS Scaling Era to Enable Advances in Wireless Chipsets

Market demand for advanced features in wireless, automotive autonomy, and IOT are accelerating at the same time when power and performance and area scaling in advanced CMOS is rapidly slowing. System level Co-optimizations are increasingly discussed as options to overcome the challenge. Splitting and Integrating many of the chips and the associated passives are clearly an opportunity. The challenges in developing and adopting these system optimization will be reviewed with some specific examples.

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Qualcomm Incorporated

Billions, maybe trillions of times a day…That’s how often people around the world touch something made better by Qualcomm. It could be the smartphone in your pocket, the tablet on your coffee table, that wireless modem in your briefcase… it could even be that navigation system in your car or that action camera strapped to your chest.

Who is Qualcomm, and what do we do? We are engineers, scientists and business strategists. We are from many different countries and speak many different languages. We come from diverse cultures and have unique perspectives. Together, we focus on a single goal—we invent breakthrough technologies that transform how the world connects, computes, and communicates.

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