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Dr. Ann B. Kelleher

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Dr. Ann B. Kelleher is executive vice president and general manager of Technology Development at Intel Corporation. She is responsible for the research, development and deployment of next-generation silicon logic, packaging and test technologies that power the future of Intel’s innovation.

Previously, Kelleher was general manager of Manufacturing and Operations, where she oversaw Intel’s worldwide manufacturing operations including Fab Sort Manufacturing, Assembly Test Manufacturing and strategic planning, as well as corporate quality assurance and corporate services. Before that, she served as co-general manager of the Technology and Manufacturing Group.

Kelleher joined Intel in 1996 as a process engineer, going on to manage technology transfers and factory ramp-ups in a variety of positions spanning 200mm and 300mm technologies. She started her manufacturing leadership journey as the factory manager of Fab 24 in Leixlip, Ireland. She has also been the site manager of Intel’s Fab 11X fabrication facility in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, and plant manager of Intel’s Fab 12 facility in Chandler, Arizona. She then became general manager of the Fab Sort Manufacturing organization where she was responsible for all aspects of Intel’s high-volume silicon manufacturing.

Kelleher holds a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree and a Ph.D. in electrical engineering, all from University College Cork in Ireland.

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Extending Moore’s Law through Innovation and Ecosystem Collaboration

Moore’s Law has been a driving force in our world for more than 50 years. As we approach the “angstrom era” of computing with smaller and more complex chip features, the importance of advanced test and packaging increases. In this talk, Dr. Ann Kelleher talks about short and long term semiconductor industry trends and shares information about Intel’s role in pushing the frontiers of Moore’s Law. She will cover the power of Intel’s Integrated Device Manufacturer (IDM) model, its advanced packaging roadmap, and how Intel collaborates to create a robust supply chain and tackle collective challenges including research, workforce development, equipment and sustainability.

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