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Herbert Oetzlinger

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Herbert Oetzlinger , graduated HTL Braunau 1987 in high power electronics/ electrotechnics,

Herbert worked in the Semiconductor industry for 30+ years, focused on wet processing.

Special focus on advanced packaging in electroplating and wet etching/cleaning of wafers and substrates. For many years he was VP of Sales with Semitool Inc, where he excelled with his in-depth knowledge of process and hardware. During this time, Herbert worked with many worldwide leading companies on Fan-out, E-WLB and other new developments in wafer level advanced packaging.

In 2012, he founded Semsysco GmbH and is also heading the company as CEO.

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Focal points to consider that drive the CoO for wet processing PLP technology.

Currently there are three different industries are going after the advanced Panel Level Packaging (PLP) market. These are:

1. the PCB producers,
2. the (wafer) OSAT’s and
3. the display industry with their obsolete production lines.

Because of this, the variety of different panel sizes, materials and thicknesses is larger than all wafer varieties together. In order to decrease cost and increase efficiency, standardisation is desperately needed. Advanced PLP requires wafer level process performance such as precision, uniformity, foreign particle free processing all of which ultimately leads to necessary yield levels.

This presentation tries to point out how to reduce capex and running cost on the equipment and process side and how to achieve wafer level process performance and cost on panels.

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Semsysco GmbH

SEMSYSCO is a global company, specialized in providing innovative wet process solutions for the semiconductor and related industries. Long-term experience of qualified engineers enables us to provide cutting edge, reliable and sustainable quality on a continuous basis.

Our aim is to satisfy by outstanding engagement, excellent service performance and spare part support. To understand the ever-changing needs of our customers, we listen to their requirements and monitor industry trends.

With SEMSYSCOs innovative processing platforms, it is possible to scale processes to different substrate sizes, even from horizontal wafer processes to vertical panel processing.

SEMSYSCO Sales and Service organization expands around the globe, while its manufacturing and engineering expertise is kept strictly in Austria.

Company Product / Service


With the Galaxy batch wafer processing, we combined years of experience with batch wafer processing with the cutting edge of process control typically only found on single wafer tools.

Additionally, this platform is suited to grow with your process needs and both enables you to start prototype application as well as run mass production processes.


The modular approach to the batch tool gives you all the potential configurations that satisfy your processing requirements. From a single chamber manual tool, to a two, four, or even eight chamber fully automated tool, with a mix of solvent or acid processing chambers, the basic tool remains the same, and layers of functionality are added on.

Best of all, within the same tool you can use carriers for manual cassette loading, and change over to guardian carriers for full automation. By changing the carrier you can also easily run different substrate sizes.


An additional feature is the adding on of immersion tanks to allow the electro-less deposition of metals. Our Galaxy-EL features pre-treatment, rinse-dry batch chambers as well as the tanks necessary to deposit metals very thin and very homogeneously, while offering superior bath life, minimal drag out and excellent uniformity.


From its inception to the first delivery in 2013, the Triton platform was designed to be a stable but modular workhorse for all single-wafer wet-processes.

The modular build of our tools enables our customer to configure the tool for a mass-production single-process tool as well as a swiss-army knife R&D or prototyping tool – without affecting performance or reliability.


Within the modular frame-work, we keep innovating the platform.

Our customers can choose to equip their tool with the High-Speed Plating System in favor of a traditional fountain plater, or with an upper chamber that allows pre-wetting as well as a final rinse/dry above the plating chamber without needing a robot move.


We provide our customers with the most flexibility. Tools can be made ready to support additional chambers and/or tanks, so it will grow with your process needs. Our modular thinking makes it possible that newly developed chambers can be added to existing tools with space for expansion, future-proofing our customer’s investment.


Our newest platform was introduced in 2016 to process panels larger from 300x300mm to 1300x1100mm in vertical chambers. Where the high -speed plating system allowed us to achieve already superior uniformity and plating speeds on single wafer substrate in a horizontal configuration, the vertical chamber is where this system truly shines.


Through careful and uniform injection of the plating electrolyte near the surface and the linearization of the electric field at the same time, it is the only system that makes fine line plating feasible on large / very large substrates.


Knowing that plating is just one step in the whole wet process of the panel, we also offer a complete photoresist strip / developer and seed and barrier layer etch program to enable all kinds of RDL (redistribution layer) processes for your packaging needs.

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