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Oreste Donzella

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Oreste Donzella serves as Executive Vice President of Electronics, Packaging and Components.

In over 20 years at KLA, he has held leadership roles in the field of customer engagement, process control solutions, application development, strategic marketing and product development. Before joining KLA, Mr. Donzella worked at Texas Instruments and Micron, where he held various engineering and management positions in process integration and yield enhancement.

Mr. Donzella currently serves as a member of the SEMI North American Advisory Board.

Mr. Donzella earned his bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in electrical engineering from the Sapienza University of Rome.

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Challenges and Opportunities in Semiconductor Packaging

After few decades being driven by a single end-driver, the semiconductor industry is now the driving force behind a multitude of new data-driven applications, which are revolutionizing our lives.

The diversification of end-demand across several industries, such as network infrastructure, mobile, data computing, and automotive is driving unprecedented demand of semiconductor devices and continuous advancement in the technology roadmap.

For over 50 years, Moore’s Law dictated the pace of this roadmap with the ability of scaling transistor density every 2 years. While lateral scaling is still happening in frontend semiconductor fabrication, it’s also becoming more and more expensive, requiring new ways to optimize performance vs. costs.

In the last few years, the role of IC packaging technology has shifted from protection to performance enablement with the rise of advanced flip chip, wafer level packaging and heterogenous integration.

We will continue to see a steep increase in new packaging types and, with interconnect geometry scaling and disaggregation into chiplets, each die will become the weakest link in the new multi-die integrated packages, requiring drastic improvements in process control and sorting methodologies.

More than 25 years ago, KLA brought a new vision into frontend semiconductor fabrication with in-line monitoring. Few companies initially embraced this concept to accelerate yield improvement, but few years later, it has eventually become an industry standard. This is what is happening in packaging right now. Only with a more rigorous process control methodology, bumping and assembly lines can overcome the unprecedented challenges with technology shrink and multiple die integration.

In 2020, KLA introduced the new Electronics, Packaging, and Components (EPC) group to help new industries, such as packaging, to adopt the frontend semiconductor best practices in terms of process control methodologies and process technologies. In the last several months, EPC organization has been working close to the top IDMs, foundries and OSATs to target the most critical challenges and develop a portfolio of products and solutions that will help the packaging industry to advance and become a key enabler of semiconductor technology roadmap.

Keywords: Advanced Packaging, Technology Scaling, Heterogeneous Integration, Process Control

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