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Thomas Sonderman

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Thomas Sonderman is the president and CEO of SkyWater Technology, a U.S.-owned and operated pure-play semiconductor manufacturer and a DOD-accredited Trusted supplier. He joined SkyWater in 2017 as the lead executive, driving the company’s successful business transformation from an IDM to a pure play foundry. He has effectively diversified SkyWater’s customer base by defining new product markets and target customers while simultaneously improving operational efficiencies. Mr. Sonderman has leveraged SkyWater’s U.S-based manufacturing operations to expand the company’s government business and to focus on reinstating a strong domestic commercial manufacturing presence. He has built a world class leadership team that inspires over 500 employees to deliver process R&D innovation and operational excellence.

Mr. Sonderman’s extensive industry experience in all aspects of fab operations has delivered market leadership and increased shareholder value to high-technology industry leaders Rudolph Technologies, Globalfoundries and AMD. Notably, he played a critical role serving as part of an executive team at AMD that spun-off manufacturing operations to form Globalfoundries.

A widely recognized subject matter expert, Mr. Sonderman is the author of 50 patents and a highly sought-after industry speaker. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in chemical engineering from Missouri University of Science Technology and a Master of Science degree in electrical engineering from National Technological University.

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Strategies for Revitalizing U.S. Leadership in Semiconductor Manufacturing

The current chip shortage and unprecedented pandemic have put a
spotlight on supply chain vulnerabilities in the U.S. The White House has warned that national security is at risk if we cannot reinvigorate domestic manufacturing. During roundtable discussions with the White House and the Commerce Department, the need for short- and long-term strategies became clear. Funding from U.S. government legislation will help with a long-term solution to strengthen end-to-end domestic semiconductor manufacturing, but the fastest path to additional silicon is to increase tooling and capacity in existing fabs. Public-private partnerships, and support for STEM education and workforce development will enable us to continue to drive innovation and increase domestic production. Beyond the supply chain, we must focus on establishing U.S. leadership in the next wave of technologies that will define device and system architectures in the next decade.

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SkyWater (NASDAQ: SKYT) is a U.S.-owned semiconductor manufacturer and a DOD-accredited Trusted supplier. SkyWater’s Technology as a Servicesm model streamlines the path to production for customers with development services, volume production and advanced packaging solutions in its world-class U.S. facilities. This pioneering model enables innovators to co-create the next wave of technology with diverse categories including mixed-signal CMOS, read-out ICs, rad-hard, power discretes, MEMS, superconducting ICs, photonics, carbon nanotubes and interposers. SkyWater serves growing markets including aerospace & defense, automotive, biomedical, cloud & computing, consumer, industrial and loT.

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