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Amr Darwish

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Mr. Amr Darwish has over 16+ years of experience in the semiconductor field. Previously during his time at Integrated Device Technology (IDT), Amr served in various Product Marketing and Technical roles, which spanned over North America, Europe, and Asia. Amr is now a Founding Member of MaxPower Semiconductor, where he serves as the COO. With a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (BSEE) and a Master in Business Administration (MBA), Amr has been able to use his blend of disciplines to create effective corporate & sales strategies and key strategic relationships, which have proliferated MaxPower’s products into consumer, industrial, and automotive marketplaces. Additionally, Amr currently serves as the Vice Chair of the SCU Graduate Business Program Alumni Board and for the last 3 years has served as an advisor & mentor in the Bronco Venture Accelerator & Fund.

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Silicon Carbide, Driving the Electric Revolution

Power electronic systems that utilize SiC semiconductors are becoming prevalent in the electric vehicle industry – allowing for further advancements in performance, reliability, and cost. While SiC still presents both technical, production, and cost challenges the continued growth of deployment of SiC technology and products has presented the resources and ability to begin to solve those problems.

This presentation intends to present the current opportunities for SiC adoption in EV’s, related infrastructure, the challenges surrounding those endeavors, and potential outlook in the near and mid-term future.

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MaxPower Semiconductor

MaxPower delivers breakthrough technology with its innovative power semiconductor products. With a vast and constantly growing proprietary IP portfolio, MaxPower’s products are engineering to optimize its customers products providing a covetable competitive edge.

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