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Christophe Maleville

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  • CTO, Senior EVP Innovation
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Christophe Maleville has been appointed senior vice president of Soitec’s Innovation.

He joined Soitec in 1993 and was a driving force behind the company’s joint research activities with CEA-Leti. For several years, he led new SOI process development, oversaw SOI technology transfer from R&D to production, and managed customer certifications. He also served as vice president, SOI Products Platform at Soitec, working closely with key customers worldwide.

Maleville has authored or co-authored more than 30 papers and also holds some 30 patents. He has a PhD in microelectronics from Grenoble Institute of Technology and obtained an executive MBA from INSEAD.

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SmartSiC Technology for Faster, Better, and Greener SiC Power Devices

Silicon Carbide (SiC) power devices are now confirmed as selected platform for EV and industrial applications. Huge progresses have been accomplished in improving SiC substrates to support vertical Mosfet demonstrating world class energy efficiency now outperforming IGBT for most power applications.

Overall cost and supply of SiC remains a concern preventing wide adoption for all vehicles type, yield and maturity yet adding risk on a very capital-intensive route to bring SiC device to large volume semiconductor standard.

SmartSiC engineered substrate technology comes as an acceleration opportunity and an alternative by solving some of the main remaining issues in SiC power device HVM route:

  • integration of high quality SiC layer transfer for device yield optimization, without additional stress on the supply by 10x or more reuse of initial monocrystalline SiC substrate.
  • built on a low resistivity handle wafer to improve device electrical performance in order to gain one generation devices
  • significant reduction of capex into additional capacity to be needed to ramp to large volume needed to support wide adoption for EV.

SmartSic as an alternative generation of SiC substrate is a greener approach thanks to a much lower temperature processing to enable new wafers from same boule. As a result, while bulk SiC allows a CO2 emission advantage over IGBT thanks to energy efficiency, SmartSiC is boosting such advantage, resulting in very positive gain in environmental signature. In the environmental EV’s dynmaics, SmartSiC is definitively a faster, better and greener technology for an alternative opportunity for the next generation of SiC power devices.

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Soitec plays a key role in the microelectronics industry. It designs and manufactures innovative semiconductor materials. These substrates are then patterned and cut into chips to make circuits for electronic components. Soitec offers unique and competitive solutions for miniaturizing chips, improving their performance and reducing their energy usage.

In meeting the technical and economic challenges of mainstream electronics, Soitec is helping to speed up the mobile and digital revolutions. Its products are used to manufacture chips that go into smart phones, tablets, computers, IT servers and data centers as well as electronic components in cars, connected devices, and industrial and medical equipment.

Soitec’s technologies, projects and industrial capacity make it one of the crown jewels of France’s industrial sector. The company was founded 25 years ago in Grenoble’s high-tech ecosystem and now has a presence throughout the world.


It’s now common place to say that onboard technologies are changing our daily lives in unprecedented ways and shaping a world in which our opportunities seem more boundless every day.

At Soitec, we have always offered specific solutions to make the electronic equipment for billions of people around the world more efficient and energy-saving.

We enable every user to benefit from innovations that change, simplify, and enhance their experience by transforming their daily lives.

Learn more about our vision of responsible innovation and how we manage consumer expectations for high performance and low energy consumption.

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