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Fabio Wörndl

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Fabio Wörndl started as Service Engineer at Siconnex in 2011, maintaining and installing new Batchspray equipment around the globe. After a technical sales support role for the US market, he became Account Manager in 2016, handling several international accounts.

Since July 2017, Fabio is Global Director of Sales & Marketing, managing equipment and spare parts sales as well as marketing activities for Siconnex worldwide. In January 2020, he became Chief Marketing Officer and leads the worldwide sales & marketing department as well as is member of the general management. Fabio has a technical education with a degree in electronics as well as a diploma in industrial engineering and economics.

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Cost efficient and sustainable power semiconductor manufacturing by using BATCHSPRAY® technology.

Semiconductors have never been more important than today. Especially power semiconductors make an enormous contribution to IOT, Industry 4.0 and electrification. The sustainable and cost-efficient production of these semiconductors is more important than ever before. BATCHSPRAY® technology ensures high throughput on a small footprint, and guarantees an environmentally friendly, cost-effective production with an ozone process. Case studies with cost saving examples and possibilities of sustainable power device manufacturing will be shown.

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Since 20 years, Siconnex is one of the leading suppliers of wet chemistry equipment for the semiconductor sector and related industries.

Siconnex offers semiconductor wet process equipment for surface processing of a wide variety of products such as MEMS, power semiconductors, analog/mixed signal, III-V semiconductors, SiC, GaN and many more. Our equipments cover a fully variety of clean, etch and resist strip applications. The main headquarters as well as production is located in Austria, with six additional locations in America, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore & France.

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