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Marco Giandalia

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Marco Giandalia serves as Vice President IC Design for Navitas Semiconductor and has 25 years experience in the field of Power IC products and technology development in Si and GaN since he received is MSEE in 1996.

Before joining Navitas, Marco led the Energy Saving Product – Design Center at International Rectifier developing innovative products for Off-Line application like motor drive, AC/DC, DC/DC converters. Earlier he was in charge as IC Design Engineer at STMicroelectronics for Smart Power IC product line.

He has been granted several patents for Power IC design solutions and has been author of multiple papers and conferences presentations.

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Gan Power IC: A New Platform for Sustainable Power Conversion Finds Applications From Consumer to EV Systems.

The key to improved power density is increased switching frequency to minimize passive components such as transformers, EMI filters, bulk and output capacitors, etc. High switching speed topologies have been circulated for several decades but were constrained and limited by silicon’s poor switching (QGD, Trr, COSS) performance plus complexity and lack of optimized control ICs.

Many applications will benefit of large improvements: fast chargers of consumer mobile can reach 3X faster charging time, eMobility will benefit of lower battery cost and faster market adoption, datacenter will reduce the power conversion footprint in favor of computing power.

This paper will illustrate GaN power IC state of the art, integration capability and the benefits it brings in terms of system efficiency and power density with a special focus on sensing for: switch protection, switching control, efficiency.

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Founded in 2014, Navitas develops ultra-efficient gallium nitride (GaN) semiconductors that are revolutionizing the world of power electronics in terms of efficiency, performance, size, cost and sustainability.

GaN is growing in importance because of its ability to offer significantly improved performance over conventional silicon semiconductors while reducing the energy and the physical space needed to deliver that performance. GaN technology will accelerate the transition to a sustainable future by delivering efficiency improvements, lowering the cost of clean energy and reducing the materials and energy needed to create power semiconductors.

Navitas is the industry leader in GaN with drive, control and protection in a single easy-to-use integrated circuit (IC). Navitas GaNFast ICs are easy-to-use ‘digital in, power out’ building blocks that enable up to one hundred times faster switching speeds while increasing energy savings by as much as 40%.
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